Being born with wanderlust is the excuse I use for my frequent traveling, which I admit is one of the most thrilling aspects about my life. The joy of traveling across the globe not only brings an amazing learning experience, but it also creates beautiful memories shared with distinct and various personalities. As much as I enjoy setting off on airplanes, my home Oman remains a valuable destination to my heart.

To celebrate Oman's 45th national day, Al-Balsam Life brings to you a list of  personal favorites about being at home, in Oman.
Me photographed by Sara Al-Hashar wearing traditional Omani costume designed by my mother

Family holds utter importance to my heart, and as a person who values family relationships I find myself placing family as my favorite thing about being home. It is not just an important thing, it holds a big part in my life. 

I grew up with a very strongly bonded family, where a secret can never last as a secret for too long. I have always seen family as a gift given to us unconditionally, and it must be valued. Therefore, my number one favorite thing about Oman is being with family and the sense of being at home between them. As you might already know, Oman is a very collective society and being part of the family is very important in the culture, which is something nice as you can never find yourself lonely.

My friends at home are also considered family, and I miss them tremendously.
One of my dreams is to own a beach house, I feel like it is really where my heart belongs. Waking up to the sound of the waves and a soft breeze would be happiness to me. 

One of my favorite activities when I'm in Oman is going to the beach with my sisters or closest friends. I always tell people that the air at the Omani coast really smells different! just like home. 
Appreciation of traditional beauty and fashions is in my blood, I really believe in that. 

My mother is gifted with an incredible talent in designing traditional Omani costumes (such as the one I am wearing on the photograph above, as well as on the header of this article). 

The color and the vibrancy in Omani fashion is what catches the attention of visitors. The traditional Omani jewelry - such as the silver ones I am wearing above - also play a crucial part in the fashion in Oman. I am a huge fan of traditional jewelry; I find it beautifully unique.
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I always start my day with a cup of chai (milk tea). Although this is traditionally an indian warm drink, it is extremely common in Arabian gulf countries including Oman.

It is basically a concentrated milk tea with some herbs varying from cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. The taste is very rich and is a perfect way to start your day, or enjoy it with a conversation late in the afternoon.
Oman is home to a series of stone mountains which are extremely beautiful to look at and seek adventures at! I never noticed how beautiful they looked until I traveled abroad and missed them for several years. It is always astonishing to be back home and drive through the stone mountains, makes me feel so small everytime. My personal favorite is Jebel al Akhdar - or the green mountain when translated.