Last weekend, I paid a visit to the home of one of my close German friends located in Dulmen, Germany. I did not visit Germany for a very long time (perhaps more than one year), and it felt great to be back as I am such a big fan of the German country side.

I did a quick visit to several sites located in Munsterland, Germany; one of the highlights of my visit was the castle located in Nordkirchen, in German named 'Schloss Nordkirchen' which I will share with you some information about today :)

The weekend began when I headed to Dulmen on Friday evening, and visited a local farm for a quick horse riding session with my friend. Following that, I had the pleasure to join a very German celebration in the farm in honors of one of the stable members purchasing a new horse. The people were incredibly kind and welcoming, regardless the language barrier.

Zara, the dog in the farm (yes my fear of dogs is getting better)

On Saturday, we dedicated the day for exploring nearby sites which I enjoyed very much. Schloss Nordkirchen was a highlight of my weekend, as it was unbelievably beautiful with a very artistic touch. The gardens were also beautifully designed. However, before going to Nordkirchen, we paid a visit to another local castle - more of a fort - which dated back to the 13th century. Unfortunately, photos are not allowed to be shared on websites, however I managed to get one from the ouside!

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As stated previously, the highlight of my trip was the visit to Schloss Nordkirchen, a palace located in Nordkirchen in Coesfeld. It is a very huge palace built between 1703 and 1734, taking more than 30 years to complete. 

It currently houses students majoring in state finance, so it has been adapted to fit their needs in terms of classrooms, dormitories and such equipment required for educational purposes. Additionally, it is a very popular destination for couples to get married (I have seen more than 10 brides in one day! absolutely stunning). It is also open to the public for group tours only on Saturdays I believe, with a very small fee of 3 euros per person as an entrance. 

I cannot describe to you how beautiful the place looked like; I did however, take many photographs to share with you.