Golf is a pleasurable past time that is growing in popularity around the world and every day finds dedicated golfers on the links regardless of rain, hail, or shine. An exciting development is the merging of golf with holiday accommodation to create golf packages. Courses around the world are offering this unique experience and golfers are eagerly taking to it in droves.

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The benefits of being able to stay within mere paces of the action without having to drive or wrangle with equipment, unlimited access to the fairway, and relaxing in luxurious accommodation all come together to create a golfers paradise.

Use the following seven handy tips to ensure planning your golfing package is enjoyable and trouble free.

1. Decide on the numbers

Decide on the number of guests and lock it down early with a firm commitment. When holidaying with family it will be easy to know how many people to cater for. If the trip is with a group of friends or a corporate gathering the logistics can become more challenging.

2. Direct communication

Plans fail and tension arises in groups because of unclear agreements and poor communication. Make any expectations clear right up front by talking about them as a group. Will people pay as individuals or is there a benefit paying as a group, i.e. added extras or generous discounts for booking more people and rooms. What happens if there are last minute cancellations? Is the deposit able to be refunded or is the money lost? Having all the relevant information summarised and distributed to each member from the outset makes the expectations clear before committing which limits confusion and cancellations later on.

3. Delegate roles

Delegate certain roles within the group so that all the organising does fall to one person. Select a treasurer or financial person who is responsible for collecting the deposits from each member of the party and keeping track of all the costs. Choose the best communicator/negotiator within the group. Avoid multiple calls and information flying back and forth between the individual guests and the resort by filtering everything through one person. Having a good negotiator as your spokesperson may even result in added extras or special discounts being offered. Look out for specials that scream for bookings and reservations, contact us now!

4. Discuss the details

Nominate someone to do the initial legwork in bringing all the information to the table. As golf packages are flexible and can include many options the group needs to decide such things as frequency of play, the type of accommodation needed, and the financial capacity of the varying members. Do they want top notch luxury, something more modest, or strictly budget options? 

Many courses require groups to book their rounds in advance and others such as Golf on the Murray Partners Club allow unlimited access without booking. As guests will you have VIP privileges and if so what are they? How long will the group be staying and are there deeper discounts for a week as opposed to a weekend? The group needs to decide these issues in advance.

5. Book early

When the basic details are known it is always advisable to book as early as possible. This ensures that the required accommodation will be available and avoids any disappointment or stress about having to scramble to throw something together. The peace of mind that comes with advanced planning cannot be underestimated. An added benefit is that if finances are an issue, having the date set far in advance allows more time to save for the trip and any added extras that may be required. Also, if a party member drops out there is plenty of time to find a replacement.

6. Accommodation

Think carefully about the accommodation sleeping arrangements. Will the accommodation be single rooms or will people need to double up? Mixing early risers with night owls may be problematic. The same can be said for those that like to talk long into the night versus the more silent types. Factors to consider may be based on budget, personality, interests, depth of friendship, or many other combinations.

7. Other factors

Other factors include transportation, access to tourist attractions, flexible versus loose schedules, and alternate activities to consider should the weather turn bad.

With the planning taken care of all that is left to do is relax and count down the days until holiday time arrives. The experience gained through the process will hold everyone in good stead and if the vacation is a resounding success then it will be even easier to organise a repeat performance in the future.