If you would like to travel from Europe to Asia by train, or vice versa, then the Trans Mongolian Railway is your new BFF. Here's every little thing you need to understand before climbing aboard the Trans Mongolian Railway.

Image source: Andi Gentsch via Flickr

There are a million travel options for travelling across the wide open country spaces between Asia and Europe –however not all of them are enjoyable. 

From van services that don't know what a speed limit is to costly airplane flights, our favourite method of travel to get to Asia from Europe is by train, the Trans Mongolian Railway. The Trans Mongolian Railway is also known as the Trans Siberian train number four.

Booking tickets for the Trans Mongolian Railway can be a little overwhelming especially when you’re not there physically in person within the country that you will be departing from. Language barriers over the phone or confusing and out-dated websites will create un-wanted obstacles, so we do recommend that if you are going to enquire about this trip, do so with a reliable travel company. 

How long is the Trans Mongolian Railway trip?

The Trans-Mongolian Railway route is by far the most interesting of all the other routes along the Trans-Siberian rail system. The Trans Mongolian train leaves Moscow for Beijing once per week, every single Tuesday night. The Trans Mongolian Railway trip will take six whole days, so be sure to bring something to read while you traverse all 7,621 km of cold steel rail. 

The Trans Mongolian Railways crosses Siberia, passes through Mongolia and the Gobi desert, to reach the border of China where it finally stops in Beijing. 

How much does the Trans Mongolian Railway ticket cost?

The journey across Siberia starts in Moscow before traversing Mongolia, the Gobi desert, and part of China before stopping in Beijing will set a traveller back somewhere between $800 and $1100, depending on the class you choose to travel in.

This is where your China travel company comes in; you might save some money (and nerves!) if you book this train trip over the phone or online. Chances are you will still save money even with an agency’s commission tucked into the cost. 

What’s it like?

Well, it won’t be a boring trip. It will not be hard to make new friends on the Trans Mongolian Railway, and younger travellers find the trip a breath of fresh air as there is often a bit of a party atmosphere on board the train.

You will find a lot of Westerners on board, along with people from Poland, Russia, and China. There are samovars at the end of each train car with free available boiling water for drinking or adding to ramen noodles or instant coffee. And speaking of which, let’s talk about things to pack!

What should I bring?

When you are travelling the Trans Mongolian Railway, be sure to bring the following;

Tin cup; for drinking water, making tea, noodles, oatmeal, or instant coffee...
A USB battery charger for all of your electronic goodies...
Snacks and mint gum; munchies and post-munchie breath rehab...
Reading material; we suggest a minimum of 3 books and then give them away after reading to keep your load light

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!