Discover how to choose the most stunning dress design for your homecoming whilst making sure it complements and matches your skin tone. 

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It may not have even crossed your mind before, however finding the perfect homecoming dress may boil down to whether the color complements the tone of your skin. In the eighties, there was a phase where the main skin tones came under two main shades: summer and winter. Nowadays, the fashion and beauty industry has coined the phrase ‘cool and warm’ skin tones. Of course there are several shades in between, thankfully we are all beautifully diverse however this can make things a little trickier when it comes down to choosing the perfect color for your homecoming dress.

Not to worry though as this article is just what you need to help you figure out:

How to determine your skin tone How to choose a dress color that shows off your skin tone and accentuates your best features instead of dulling it

As you can see, the right color will do a lot for your overall appearance. Have you ever noticed before that when you wear certain colors, you will fetch a lot more compliments than usual? This is because people notice what colors really make you look great, even if they don’t know why. So now that you know the science, you can find your 2015 homecoming dress at Prom Dress Shop either online or on the high-street.

Warm or cool? How to pinpoint your skin tone…

The metal test.

Yup, you read it right! On one wrist we want you to put on a gold colored bracelet. On the other, try wearing a silver bracelet. It’s more common for the gold to complement the warmer skin tones and the silver to go nicely with the cooler tones.

The paper test.

To make this a fair test, you want to remove any nail varnish or accessories before beginning. Using a plain sheet of A4 paper, put your hand on it and turn it over. Looking at your palms, do you see any shades of pink or alternatively, blue? If you see any of these shades, you have a cool tone. If you see an orangey yellow color, you have warm tone. You can also put the sheet of paper to a freshly cleansed face. If it makes your complexion look a bit ‘bleurghhh’, you are a cooler skin tone and vice versa for warmer skin tones.

Now you know some tried and tested methods for checking out which skin tone category you fall into, let’s move onto the next phase: choosing the right color to match your skin tone.

Next phase – choosing the right color dress

When you go hunting for the perfect homecoming dress, you want to ensure you are on a website that offers a range of colors and styles. For example, a website like is ideal as you are getting a wide variety of shades and different types of dress, all under one roof!

So here are some colors that match the cooler skin tone:

Colors like baby blues, emeralds, and camel will bring out the best in your features and give you an exotic look. Gem stone colored dresses will also work really well so anything aqua, topaz, or ruby will work wonders on you. If you want the more traditional shades for homecoming dresses like purples, pinks, and blues, these are winning colors for cool skin tones.

Now time to look at some great colors for warmer skin tones:

Warmer tones suit colors like greens, deep royal blues, and purples. You can also pull off pale yellow, deep reds, and dove grey brilliantly. Also, if you want to go down a more inventive homecoming dress route you can choose a metallic shade such as silver or bronze as these colors suit warm skin tones well.