I always like to stress the importance of taking care of your skin; feeling beautiful has to come from within, and the help of makeup is sadly limited. In my view, having good skin is a key base of feeling beautiful. I often get bombarded by questions about skin care from friends and family, as well as some readers. I have also noticed that many of my popular posts are based on skin care routines and remedies; which is why I decided to share more skin care tips, starting with today's question: How often do you really need a facial?

As most of you probably know, your skin condition is an indicator of many aspects of your life, including your lifestyle, health as well as age. Living a healthy lifestyle remains my number one advice to all of you wishing to have better skin; therefore drinking good amounts of water and having a healthy balanced diet are substantial for maintaining good skin. Exercise is also quite important as it stimulates blood flow around the body, which promotes healthy skin.

Having a healthy lifestyle is great, but there are other things you could do to take care of your skin, such as buying suitable skin care products and having regular visits for facials, which is the topic of discussion in today's post.

How often do you REALLY need a facial?

Generally, I advise that you get a facial once every 3 to 4 weeks, why? because that's the ideal amount of time in which your skin takes to renew its cells and its exfoliation. Getting a facial regularly every 3 to 4 weeks aids the process of cell renewal on your skin, and therefore maintains a clean skin. 

That is the general case for most of us, however not everybody has the same skin conditions. I personally have dry skin which makes me lucky because I do not need facials as often as the oilier counterparts. Oily or acne prone skin need facials every 2 weeks as recommended by experts, however, according to your acne condition you should choose the type of facials carefully, as you do not wish to further harm your skin with harsh treatments. 

Many would argue that skin care is expensive, and that not everybody finds the time to have frequent facials, and my advice to this group of you is to try and have a facial once every season because I have noticed that our skin behaves differently each season, and it is important to cleanse it deeply when it undergoes a new cycle. 

I also have a special treat for you guys! I have set up basic few steps that you can do at home to have a really good facial in your own comfort zone. I have also put together a list of my personal favorite products to do an at-home facial. 

How to have an at-home facial?

The process of having a real good facial at home is to include the three basic steps: deep cleaning, exfoliating, and hydrating. 

Deep cleaning / Exfoliation

I recommend using a gentle exfoliation product in this step, which also works well for deep cleaning your skin. I personally love the Clarins one-step gentle exfoliating cleanser.

Steam it up

I love the feeling of steam cleaning when getting a professional facial at a spa; there's not reason why you can't do this at home! Steam cleaning is great for opening up pores. Using a cloth soaked in really hot water works just as fine as a real steamer.

Nutrient-full mask

The final step is to 'feed' your bare clean skin. Find a natural mask that you're comfortable with, apply it to your clean skin. Following this you MUST hydrate your skin. I recommend a hydrating mask such as the Clarins HydraQuench cream mask

Share with me your favorite skin care products for an at home facial if you have any! I'd be happy to hear your recommendations.