This weekend (4th to 6th of September), 2015 Proef-eet (a food 'festival' here in the Netherlands, where restaurants come together to showcase different dishes from around the world, in order to compete for winning a competition) was hosted in Enschede, the city in which I live.

One week after being back in my second home in the Netherlands, the 2015 Proef-eet was hosted in the Oude markt in the heart of the city of Enschede; of course, my friends and I had to go - being the food junkies that we are!

The many different restaurants located in Enschede, shared their various dishes from all over the world with the visitors of the food festival/competition. I am a very big fan of asian cuisine so sushi and asian grill restaurants attracted me the most.

This is an annual festival/competition which brings great exosure to the restaurants, and also helps visitors have an insight of what foods are available in the city.