Bordeaux is one of the french cities which I have visited towards the end of last year, and it honestly holds a great value to me. I have previously written some articles on my trip to Bordeaux, which you can read here and here.

During my visit to Bordeaux, I was glad that I managed to find some time to spend a day in the country side with a french family who owns a farm producing grape juice and wine. It was such a marvelous experience even though I am not a wine drinker ('You are the first Muslim to visit us' the farm owners commented when they found out); I will share with you some photographs and few words on the experience.

All photographs are taken in Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is famous for its wine worldwide, which is something I have seen repeatedly when researching on what to do in the city prior my trip. I suggested the idea of visiting a winery to my friend with whom I shared my travel with, and she was up for it! 

With the hopes of getting to stomp on grapes just like the old classic way, we were thrilled with excitement as the day began after entering the tour's bus which stood outside the Bordeaux Tourism Office in the heart of the city. Soon after we came to realize that the equipment used in the farm are far more advanced than our expectations.

All the group members (a small group, which made it easier for all of us travelers to communicate and get to know each-other. I was happy to meet a very kind American couple during this day) were surprised by how delicious and attractive the grapes are at the farm. I still remember it felt like tasting candy, only that it is much much much healthier (and 100% organic).

The first activity was aimed to get to know how the farmers work, so the family members introduced themselves to all of us (although the language barrier was a major obstacle, we had a translator on site). 

After talking for a few minutes with the owners of the farm, we were given the chance to get practical and physically experience what it was like to pick out grapes from the farm.

I can assure you that it takes a while to get all the grapes on a basket, and it is a hard work! Yet very enjoyable. 

The end result of what we all collected was shocking! We literally filled an entire small truck with grape crates.

Later on the procedure of how this collection of grapes is turned into juice and wine was illustrated to us, and one memorable encounter is my reaction when I realized that there were a couple of spiders on the grapes, which joined the blend which will be made into juice (yes, seriously!!). I asked about it, and the response was: 'well now you know it's 100% organic. There's your protein for you'. It made me laugh, which gave me the courage to try the 100% organic juice right away.

One other noticeable trait in the farm house is the many creations made by the father, the owner of the farm. He has a talent in making sculptures with wood and different types of metals. 

Some of his creations are shown on the two images below:

If you ever visit Bordeaux, make sure you visit one of these wineries as they are really eye openers to how French farmers make a living and spend their time in the country side. 

As for those who wonder what the name of the location is, please contact me privately via email or direct message me on twitter/instagram.