Fall officially began this year on the 23rd of September; I have slowly welcomed the new Fall trends, and managed to say goodbye to Summer.

Fall is actually my favorite season of the year in terms of fashion trends. This year, I noticed that Valentino has included many black & white looks in their 2015 Fall/Winter collection which is hitting the stores at the moment globally. Finding inspiration from Valentino's creations for this season is very entertaining for me, as I am such a big fan of black & white and lack of color on Fall/Winter outfits. 

In this post, I will share with you my favorite looks from Valentino's fall 2015 collection, and how you can put together a wearable, inexpensive outfit to match the black & white trend! So here is how to wear Black & White this season!

Image sources: Vogue.com; Valentino 2015 F/W 

The first trend which has been in the industry for a very long time, is the Black and White stripes, which could me implemented horizontally or vertically. I think vertical black and white stripes have always been perceived as a trend which makes the person look taller and slimmer; I do not personally know the extent of truth in this statement, however I personally do feel slimmer when I wear vertical black & white stripes. Whether it is vertical or horizontal black & white stripes, this trend is hot for fall/winter... thanks to Mr. Valentino.

Also, don't be afraid to add a thin basic black belt to your striped black & white look. It can also be added to basic all white look to give some sophistication. I love the way Valentino presented black & white in small blocks, and added a thin black belt to complete the outfit.
Long capes and Kimonos have been very trendy lately, especially when the likes of Kylie Jenner were spotted wearing the long black jackets, Kimonos and Capes quite frequently. It has also been a very big social media sensation among the fashion population. 

I personally adore black jackets, and a good tailored cape. Also long vests and animal inspired colored pieces go very well with black and white outfits (as shown above by Valentino).

I came across an amazingly well made black cape in Mango; below, you can shop two of my favorite affordable capes provided by Mango 

The oversize sweater has been introduced to my wardrobe by my sister Salsabil, as she is a very big fan of the off-duty model look, including the oversize shirt and sweater. I have recently put several oversize sweaters in my wardrobe specifically for the Fall/Winter season. Since I am a very big fan of black & white, I purchased few sweaters in those two colors and mixed them together ;)

You can shop a few oversize black & white sweaters (including the one shown on the right above by Valentino) below