I have purchased a cosmetic product from Benefit for the very first time two days ago, and I was thrilled with the first impression I got from using the product, therefore I decided to write a quick review based on my first use of the product. 

I paid a visit to Douglas for the purpose of purchasing a new concealer, since I was running out of my previous one (I previously used Clarins, Clinique and YSL). I was informed by the shop keeper that Benefit cosmetics have a product available which works well as a concealer (in cases where you do not have much dark areas under the eyes) as well as a primer for eye-shadow and concealer. I was very drawn into it as I do tend to have a problem with my eye-shadow creasing after the day proceeds. 

The product name is STAY DON'T STRAY EYESHADOW & CONCEALER PRIMER; I took the time to try the product at the store, and I realized that its texture is quite good. It was not too dense, in fact it leaned more towards the liquid state which is something I preferred as a person with dry skin.

I ended up buying the product, in Medium/Deep shade which perfectly suits my skin tone. The following is what I think about the product after a single use (from morning until evening).

Packaging & Price

The packaging (shown on the image above) is very much like any other benefit products; very colorful and cute. The package pretty much explains the purpose of the product rather well, stating that it is used as a primer for concealer and eye-shadow. One thing I personally find useful from the packaging is the application procedure, where the image shown on the packaging actually instructs the user as to how they should apply it around the eye area. I followed those instruction and I had sufficient results!

As for the price, I have purchased it with 26 Euros, which in my view is an okay value for the quality of the product (yes, I am quite impressed by it)


As explained earlier, the package contains an image with very clear instructions as to how the product should be applied, and I did as shown. Most importantly, I find it useful that the product comes with a stick and a brush at the end, making it easy to apply as small dots around the eye area. I used my fingers to spread the product, you can feel free to use whatever makes you comfortable, however I do advise to use fingers to warm up the product and make it blend on the skin naturally. 


I have noticed that this product actually provides sufficient coverage for those who have minor issues with dark circles under the eye, so it works well as a concealer. It also blends on the skin very well, but does need some time to perfect. Additionally, it works like wonders as a primer! I wore the product on the morning and I had my eye shadow on until just before going to bed, and the shadow stayed perfectly put. Therefore, as a primer I would certainly give it a 10/10 without hesitation (based on the first use).

Where to buy it

You can purchase the product online by clicking here, or on the image shown below. Or you could go to any nearby Benefit cosmetics stall/store and ask for it. It comes in various shades.