Kaftan in a Woman’s Life

In a world where stereotypes rule everyday living, standing out and setting yourself apart from everyone else can be a challenge. Most people have a strong need to belong, whether it is through achievements, social status or even through fashion. However, this need to be just like everyone else can often lead to confusion about who we really are.

Realizing who you are as an individual can start from something as simple as expressing yourself through what you wear. There are no hard and strict rules when it comes to clothing. True that there are many trends, but there is no need to keep up with the joneses. The clothes that we wear should not be a reflection of the world that we live in, but a reflection of our inner selves.
Although many of the pieces that we see today mirror the world as we see it, there are some which celebrate the individuality of people as well. The kaftan is a perfect example of such clothing. There is much to love about this.
Often associated with a fashion trend from the 70s, this is not just for the hippies. Kaftans have made a comeback, and are every inch the expression of individualism. These are unlike any other dress and go beyond your typical maxi dress.
An unconventional length and lack of structure mirrors a resistance to conformity. With a piece such as this, there is no need to feel restrained or limited. Its free flowing form reminds women that they too are free to be whatever they want. Free to dress as they please without being constrained by norms or fleeting fashion trends.
Bold prints, geometric designs and intricate patterns give a glimpse of the many dimensions there are to women. A woman can be like a bold print, catching the attention of many, standing out among the rest. She can be like a geometric design, with many different facets creating a beautiful shape. Like an intricate design, she is delicate and special.
Arrays of color express character and personality. With the many colors to be found on kaftans, it can be a quick way to show the different sides of a person. Bright hues hint of a love for life, happiness and spontaneity. Warmer tones can talk of a deeper and more serious side. Darker colors give a sense of strength and confidence. No matter what a woman is, she can bare her colors on her kaftan for the world to see who she truly is.

Author Bio: An inspirational writer and fashion afficianado, Regina empowers women through her writing and fashion tips. Catch more of her work on the CAMILLA blog.