Fancy adding to your antique collection from the comfort of your arm chair but don’t know where to start? Here’s how to buy antiques online.

Image by Lupo Lupo via Flickr

Vintage jewellery incorporates a variety of stylish possibilities for shoppers. There’s always something to suit every taste and mood and items vary considerably in significance and value.

So with so many options out there, you need to know what’re looking for and also understand the history of each piece.

entails just about every kind of jewellery imaginable, from brooches and cameos to earrings, necklaces and hat pins.  This is probably just one of the reasons why antique jewellery is a trend again. With so many choices, how do you choose which items to buy online?

Popular Antique and Vintage Jewellery

There are specific hallmarks of antique jewellery that are particularly desirable amongst shoppers. These unique examples of design and craftsmanship tend to strike a chord with jewellery lovers and often once they’ve bought their first vintage item, they desire to start a collection.

Buying Antique Jewellery from an Online Store

Kalmar Antiques sells antique jewellery online. They offer a diverse selection of vintage and antique items to meet various budgets. Once you know which piece of jewellery you’d like, or even which stylistic era you want to explore, head over to their catalogue to select the items you wish to purchase.

But how do you go about finding antique pieces online?

-          Research the jewellery – always carefully read the details under the item’s listing. If you require further information about the listing, get in touch with the seller either directly or via the online store. Remember to account for delivery costs in your final price, too. When buying expensive and rare antique jewellery, find out if the seller will insure the piece against any possible shipping damage.

-          Research the seller – it’s a good idea to get to know your seller so that you feel secure and positive about the transaction. Check out feedback ratings and have a look at the number of successful transactions. Also look for positive responses from previous buyers. Many online sellers operate exactly like a brick and mortar stores and that means they will offer money-back guarantees and return policies. Be sure to ask all and any questions you have until you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the sale.

-          Buyer protection programs – remember to always complete your online transaction. Most online retailers will offer protection programs when transactions are conducted on their sites. Instant cash wire transfer services are sometimes unsafe when paying someone you don’t know, so be careful how you decide to pay. In the event that you don’t receive the antique or it arrives and isn’t as it was described, buyer protection programs will often cover the purchase price and original shipping.


Buying and wearing antique jewellery tends to offer a stylish glimpse into a bygone era. Every unique piece has a distinct history, with many pieces being passed down through the generations. Whether you’re looking for an authentic antique bracelet for a themed party or a special necklace for your wedding day, or perhaps a pair of distinguishing cuff links for a special black tie event, antique jewellery is a simple, satisfactory solution.

To determine the value of a piece of antique jewellery, you should consider the condition and history of the piece. You can choose antique jewellery based on visual appeal or even search for items of a particular style to add to your collection. There are loads of distinct eras and styles to explore and with options to suit all types of budgets, you’ll probably find yourself searching for many more perfect antique accessories for your collection.