Sifah beach in Oman was my latest travel adventure in my very own homeland the Sultunate of Oman. I personally admit that I very rarely travel around my own country, especially because I always come back home after a long year of travel adventures abroad ... so I long to just stay and lounge at the comforts of my own home. However, this time when my dear uncle picked my sisters and I up and decided to go to Sifah beach, I could not say no! ... and I was very glad that I didn't say no.

Beautiful view of Sifah Beach captured by myself 

Sifah beach is located approximately 45 minutes away from the capital of Oman, Muscat. It is hidden near beautiful series of mountains. The view was absolutely priceless, and I enjoyed it regardless the extremely hot Omani summer weather which exceeds 38 degrees Celsius at the time of my visit by the end of July, 2015.

It is strongly advisable that one takes a suitable car - 4-wheel drive - for such locations in Oman, and one must possess - what my uncle called - 'good enough' driving skills for such destinations. Unfortunately for us, we visited the location with a new car that my uncle had no experience in driving in sandy and rocky locations with, so we ended up getting stuck on the sands next to the beach. But hey, who wouldn't like to be stuck in such a beautiful place? I personally did not mind a single bit ...

One more highlight of my quick trip to Sifah beach, is the hospitality and niceties offered by the locals. I have never come across such humble, hospitable, and kind people in my life. I was amazed by how most locals offered us coffee and even welcomed us in their own homes - which is by the way quite common in Oman, and is considered normal. Also their smiling faces made anybody's day much better.