Denim is probably the most important texture in the world of casual fashion; like the many of you, I am a big fan of denim because of the practicality it provides and the fact that it has been part of my wardrobe ever since I was a child! Jeans made denim a super popular fabric, and it was then adapted into many different designs worn today. 

I have brought to you guys a few different hot trends that you can wear denim right now!

The denim shirt dress

The denim shirt dress is a very casual and practical way to put femininity into your daily outfit. The fact that is is considered a dress is what adds the feminine touch to the denim, and the denim adds the practical factor. I love how the simple denim shirt is transformed into a dress just by adding a bit of length and flow to the cut of it. Wearing it casually with sneakers, wedge heels or even cute simple sandals would do. Keep your hair casual too.

Welcome back Dungarees!

It's time to say back to the Dungaree! remember in the 90s when it was really popular? I even remember wearing it as a child in the early 2000s. Well, for those of you who are a fan of the dungaree, it is now back and is HOT on the trend list.

The high-waist game

The high-waist jean is also trending right now. Instead of going for only skinnies (which are by the way expected to fall out of trend, along with the very loved jeggings) opt for the high-waisted versions instead. Wearing it casually with a basic white T-shirt is really hot, as made popular by many supermodels including Cara Delevigne.

Polka dot it!

I must admit that polka dots are not my favorite print, as I prefer floral prints and geometrics instead. Polka dots on denim have proved to look great (as shown on the image below). In general I am all in for printed denim, whether it is floral, plaid or even polka dots!

The denim skirt

Remember when Kim Kardashian pulled that all denim look with a pencil skirt? it looked super and that trend went absolutely beyond gorgeous. 

The denim skirt, whether it is a mini skirt or a pencil skirt, or even a long skirt, is back on trend and can be found sold by many popular stored. The ones I have featured on this blog post are all availble online in Asos.

Again I strongly recommend keeping the denim skirt basic and not pairing it with overly glammed top, as it will make it un-fashionable and 'reverse' in a not so good way. We wouldnt want to go back to the 90's style mistakes!

The boyfriend jeans, on a whole new level

Boyfriend jeans remain a taboo topic to many of girls. Many would describe it as just 'not feminine enough'; well let me tell you, it is not meant to be feminine! Boyfriend jeans are extremely trendy right now, as well as the 'sporty' jeans which are inspired from many fashionistas dreaded item of clothing: sweatpants.  For those who use the excuse of the lack of femininity in the boyfriend jeans, I would advise that you pair it up with a good pair of heels to add a touch of femininity. Double denim is a great way to wear such trend.

Which one is your favorite?

For those of you who are interested in shopping the trends listed in this post, I have put together a selection of items for you. You can view them below:

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