Wedding days may be a girl's dream, and perhaps the most memorable day of her entire life. The dress which accompanies such special occasion remains to hold a great value for many years after the wedding day. The bride must always choose to appear as elegant, beautiful and memorable as she can be, and to many brides, trends and fashion have to be in the equation of finding the perfect dress, which is exactly why I decided to write this post to alert all the fashion brides out there about the wedding dress trend which is hitting all bridal boutiques and brands in the upcoming year!

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The detail of the back of the wedding dress is what counts in bridal fashion today! One must pay close attention to the details the designer puts on the back of the dress; it became almost as important as the front side of the gown. 

I have brought to you today several ideas of the detail that could be visible on the back of your wedding gown! and how beautiful it can look. All the dresses used in this post are available for sale on for those of you who are interested, at very affordable prices.

Lace detail

Lace has been a fabric indicating elegance, power and femininity ever since the 16th century, where even Queen Elizabeth the first flaunted it. Today, lace is incorporated on wedding gowns quite frequently which is something I am always for!

Wedding gowns with lace detail on the back will certainly be in trend this upcoming year.

Draped backs

Draping is a technique where pieces of fabrics of clothing is arranged to loosely fall around some other parts of the clothing. I am a huge fan of this technique, especially on wedding gowns as it symbolizes purity and allows the gown to flow and have more movement. Draped backs are absolutely beautiful so I strongly recommend them.

V-shaped backs

V-necks have always been a hot option for wedding gowns, but what about V-backs? 

many designers have opted for choosing V-shaped backs with lace details to accentuate the back of the wedding gown. However, a bride must be careful to not let the V-cut be too deep for a wedding gown, as it does abolish the innocent feel that a wedding gown should ideally have. In cases where the bride chooses to have a deeper V-back, then that is when lace can come to the rescue - as seen on the wedding gown shown on the right of the image below. Both gowns shown below are wedding dresses under 500.

Geometry and symmetry 

Geometry and symmetrical backs have always been a personal favorite of mine! I love shapes and how some designers take advantage of them to make the dress much more appealing to the eye. I am in love with lines, circular shapes and geometric symmetrical patterns on backs of wedding gowns.

In the end, as always I would like to advise every bride to choose a dress in which she feels most beautiful, confident and comfortable for her big day. Also, in my opinion, a bride should not go to extremes to follow trends and fashion, but opt for something stylish. As Yves Saint Laurent once said: "Fashions fade, style is eternal".

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