A China tour guide will be able to help you make the most out of your visit to Asia, but only if you really know how to leverage them. Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your China tour guide!
Header Image by Darryl Wilkins via Flickr
China is a fascinating, culturally diverse place and it can be a little overwhelming the first time around. This is why so many tourists rely on a China tour guide to make sure their experience is the best that it can be. Following the tips that your guide will give you will show you China in the best light. Remember, they are on your side. A reputable tour guide will never lead you astray, and you need not second guess them.
A good tour guide got into the business because it is a rewarding experience for them too, and they enjoy meeting foreigners and showing them around their country. They have pride about their geography and the rich history that comes with it, and they thirst for new experiences just as much as you do! 
Most people will have a ball with their tour guide in China. Here are a few tips to make the most of your China tour guide and have a trip that will leave you breathless.

What do you expect?

One thing you might be tempted to skimp out on are details of what you like, what you do not like, and so on. Some tourists maybe feel a bit rude dictating their ideal China experience so they try to be agreeable and go along for the ride however it’s really hard for a tour guide to work with passive guests. 
Have you ever been on a date where the other person was incredibly passive but then you noticed they were not enjoying themselves? Offering zero idea of what you hope to get from your trip and then feeling like you missed out on something is all in your hands. Talk to your guide and let them know what you would like to accomplish on your journey. They are not mind readers and everyone will benefit from a clear, friendly communication.

Go with the flow

And in contrast, what if your tour guide appears to be deviating from the itinerary you laid out together? Well, there are surprises to be had, too. Go with the flow; chances are that if your guide is going a little outside your comfort bubble. He or she has learned enough about you to know what you would like to see and they’re trying to roll out some new unexpected experiences. Fear not! Take their advice whenever they offer it, and don’t try to always be in control.

Ask a lot of questions

When you’re taking tailor made China tours, you have the absolute undivided attention of your tour guide so leverage it and ask questions. Don’t be a passive, silent observer. It’s a whole lot less fun that way! Instead, take every opportunity to soak in the experience with questions that you might have.


Another great way to have a great time with your tour guide is to share a little bit about your own culture, your family, and so on. Sharing with your tour guide will build the relationship a little bit as you will be spending a whole lot of time with them. 
Sharing experiences will also make the journey enjoyable for your tour guide who probably got into this line of work to meet people just like you. There’s a good chance you intrigue him or her as much as their country does you.
Lastly, sharing will allow your guide to understand you better and help tailor the adventure you’ve been looking for!