Bordeaux, France
I have always been in love with France ever since I was a little girl; when I visited Bordeaux last year (2014) in October, I fell in love with it even more. Bordeaux is a city in southwestern France and is famous because it is located on a famous wine-growing region. It is popular for its beautiful country side and amazingly artistic views. 

I have previously shared some photographs from my first trip to Bordeaux - which you can find here - but this time I would like to write a little bit more on the experience, and the things that I have personally enjoyed tremendously during my trip to this stunning city.

Eating the Canelé 

A canelé is a famous small french pastry which is a specialty of the Bordeaux region. It is usually made with alcohol, but is also sold sans-alcohol. The taste of the pastry is somewhat strange in the beginning, due to its 'sticky' texture inside. However, once you start chewing it is absolutely delicious! It comes with a harder outer caramelized layer which - to me - is the highlight of the canelé.

Try more food!

The french cuisine is always a good idea; one of the key highlights from my trip to Bordeaux was the very good food all around the clock! My friend and I had dinner one time at the opera house restaurant and it was one of the most delicious meals I have had in my life. I ordered duck with quiche and steamed vegetables, and had crystallized rose petals for dessert - yes they were really crystallized! - and was satisfied with the food I received.

The friend I was traveling with also insisted on getting more 'choquette' from Bordeaux because she found them very interesting in flavor, describing them as 'salty' yet 'sweet' at the same time. 

Sit in front of Place de la Bourse at night

Place de la bourse in Bordeaux
This is probably the most recognizable location in Bordeaux, it is famous for the beautiful architecture and water placed in front of the sight which creates a 'mirror-like' vision. It is absolutely beautiful in real life, especially in the evening when the water reflects the building. I had a very calm evening during my visit to the city there, just engulfing the beautiful view and having a good conversation with my friend. No photographs can ever show how beautiful this place looks like in reality.

Have a shopping spree

De l'intendance, Bordeaux
Although Bordeaux is more famous for its wine, food and landscape, shopping fun is always a good idea! I noticed that they have many home decor stores with unique and highly artistic items. I wanted to ship everything with me - but sadly, I couldn't. If you are an art lover and really appreciate home interior design, then this is a place to go!

 Take a day stroll in the beautiful gardens

Jardin Public in Bordeaux is a beautiful public garden with amazing statues and art. If you are in the city don't forget to pay it a visit. Its definitely worth it.

Picking out some grapes!

Grapes which I have picked during my trip to Bordeaux
Bordeaux is famous for its wine-making. There are countless of wineries and tours for wine tasting. I had the pleasure to experience to witness where grape juice and wines are made, and picked out some grapes to be made into 100% organic juice (right in front of my eyes). It was the most tastiest grape juice I have ever had in my entire life. Nothing beats freshly made 100% organic grape juice, made in Bordeaux of course. I do not drink wine so I am not familiar with the wines, but I heard it is amazingly good.

If you ever visited Bordeaux, please share your experiences and favorite things to do down in the comments section; I will certainly visit the city again and would love to have many more experiences. Also, one of the highlights of my trip is visiting a very close friend of mine who has an absolutely beautiful soul and sharing the travel experience with another close friend of mine. I came to learn that one of the things that make a travel experience great is the company which you take with you.