Ever since I have switched my reading focus on non-fiction, rather than my love towards fictional novels, I have been making sure to feed by mind and soul with as much positivity as possible; this can be done by reading books like this one.

I bought this book not having extremely high expectations, as I always believed that personal magnetism and charisma is something you are born with and cannot be learnt. I was wrong and this book definitely delivers what it promises; one thing I learnt today from it: always be present ❤️

As usual, I like to share with my readers the things that I have learnt from each book that I read. I couldn't wait until finishing this book before sharing what I have learnt - so far, I have made it to half of the book! - because the book left me with a changed state of mind that I think deserves to be shared.

Cabane reinforced the importance of radiating warmth and generally being nice. I have always believed that niceties are nice; everything good you do will be remembered. It creates a very special sort of charisma around you, and it is always good to treat everybody the way you would like to be treated. Similarly, being present and showing interest in what people have to say is extremely important, because people around you will feel listened to and understood; this creates a charismatic presence. 

One more thing that I took from this book so far is to never underestimate the power of imagination and visualization. The brain cannot tell the difference between imagination and reality, thus when you imagine things (for example visualizing a very successful end of year or giving a great presentation to your boss) it will make your brain believe that it has already happened, and therefore work hard to make it happen in reality. 

I wish that you all learn something, and if you're interested in purchasing this book please let me know and I could refer you to few sites.

With love,