The tradition of homecoming is popular among many colleges, universities and high schools across the United States. It generally celebrates welcoming back the alumni of a school. It is a nice occasion to celebrate and get together with old friends, and one cannot help but question the choice of outfit in such events. It is a time of the year where you reunite with people you probably haven’t seen in a while, so it is important to make a sound choice of outfit, as it leaves a great impression.

I am aware than most of my readers seek affordable cheap homecoming dresses under 100, which is what I have brought for you today. I summed up a few dresses from Cocomelody that I personally find fashion forward and suitable for homecoming.

Shades of blue

I have always been into blue homecoming dresses. Blue – to me and to many – is a welcoming color, and counts as a reminder of many beautiful things such as the sky or ocean. Royal blue which is a little bit deeper and darker, comes off as an expensive color, making dresses seem much more pricy than they actually are.

Shear and cutout backs

I have always been a fan of shear backs. There is something mysterious yet revealing about them. To me, a woman in a shear dress shows that she is confident enough to show, yet has standards that she personally has to keep and therefore does not fully reveal. It is a perfect combination for a homecoming dress

Absence of color 

Absence of color is always a good idea! Take this advice from fashion’s favorite Coco Chanel. Black homecoming dresses are indeed a trend to follow

All in all, I think that the most important thing in homecoming is to enjoy each other's company and make memories that will last a lifetime! My fashion advice on the other hand is to make sure that whichever dress you choose, you must be confident and comfortable in it in order to enjoy the night to the maximum. Similarly, embellishments on homecoming dresses - like the ones shown on the dresses in this post - are a great replacement for having to overly style your makeup or hair. Go easy on the hair and makeup, but with a bang with your dress so that it leaves a good impression.

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