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It has been a while since I posted a health related post; I have been really into Mangoes lately, and my recent 'small obsession' of this fruit made me curious about its benefits and health influences, so I went ahead and did my tiny research about this amazing fruit and found out a few things that I could share with my beloved beauty and fashion readers.

Although Mangoes health benefits are not limited to physical traits only (such as skin, hair, shape, etc) but they actually go way beyond that and have been stated to help in prevention of cancer, diabetes and improves eye sight due to it containing vitamin A. However, I will be focusing more on beauty related benefits of this fruit since is a beauty focused website.

Ditch the highlighter: Mangoes for glowing skin!

If you fancy a healthy glow / shine on your skin then make sure you add this vitamin A rich fruit into your diet! Vitamin A and Beta carotene in Mangoes restore, rejuvenate and revive your skin, adding shine to your skin making it look healthier and younger. In the long run, you will no longer need that highlighter ;)

Anti-aging benefits

Antioxidants in Mangoes will increase the time it takes for the skin to age, and show pigmentation. More importantly, this fruit protects your skin from damage and harmful free radicals which could cause cancer in the long run. Similarly, vitamin C present in this fruit is known to be a great anti-aging component, and it helps in curing acne.

Save the toner money: Mangoes improve complexion

If you spend so much money on expensive tonic lotions which promise to improve complexions, ditch them and opt for eating Mangoes instead! You can apply mango wash (mixed with milk) and leave it on your face for 10-15 minutes then wash it off, it will leave your skin feeling instantly soft. The long term results would be a much improved complexion. I have never personally tried this mask, however I have had relatives and friends who did follow this routine, and ended up with great results.

Treat your hair with Mangoes

Now to hair benefits; Mangoes are said to be good for dandruff treatment. Mangoes contain vitamin E which is stated to improve scalp circulation and thus promotes hair growth. Vitamin A - again - has many benefits one of which is moisturizing the hair! This makes Mangoes a common ingredient in natural hair products. Additionally, Mangoes make great conditioners due to their moisturizing abilities, and are also a great at home remedy for hair loss and grey hair.