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Over the ages, men and women have worn rings for many reasons but more so as a symbol of marriage between two people. In some traditions and cultures, the importance of the ring has grown to be more than the worth of the metal used.

The Irish people, for example, have the tradition of engraving Celtic scripts on the rings and this gives them a lot of meaning. In fact most cultures have symbols that they usually engrave on rings to symbolize love, commitment and marriage. With all this symbolism and importance accorded to rings, it is no wonder that many different metals and alloys have been used make rings.
Below are some of the more common metals used to fashion rings;


Tungsten is stylish, fashionable, popular and quite affordable yet classy looking, shiny and extremely durable. The metal is also quite easy to maintain. In fact if you go back and read the first two sentences of this paragraph, you will find that most men aspire to be described as such. What a perfect match, right?

When choosing a tungsten ring however, you have to choose a ring that fits perfectly or is just a size larger because, once you make your choice of size; the ring cannot be resized ever again, again like with the description of men, a tungsten ring is not a one-size fits all kind of ring. The ring has to fit the finger exactly. story on tungsten rings illustrates some of the great benefits of tungsten rings.

Tungsten is also used as an alloy metal and is combined to give the metal even better characteristics as a metal used to make rings. Tungsten carbide for example becomes resistant to any scratches.


Ceramic is another material that is becoming popular in the making of men’s wedding rings. The material is very durable, and yet affordable. If you are wondering what if ceramic was combined with tungsten? Well, it has, and the outcome is just as lovely. Ceramic and tungsten wedding bands maximize on the rings style and durability.


Gold is one of the more traditional metals used to fashion rings. Contrary to what most people think, higher carat gold is not as durable as lower carat gold. Lower carat gold is more durable because it is alloyed with other metals to make it more durable. If you won’t get your ring into rough and rugged situations where it may get scratched, then gold may be a good choice for you.


Silver just like gold is not a very durable metal; it can be very shiny but needs a lot of work to keep it that way. If you are willing to replace the ring often, then silver may be the choice for you.

Other metals commonly used as wedding rings are platinum and titanium. If you want to do more research on tungsten and other metals and metal alloys used to fashion men’s rings, you could find more information in the latest guide on tungsten rings.