"Homecoming unites the past and the present"

Reunion and homecoming is is an event which holds crucial importance to many, because it has the ability to bring together old friendships, a chance to cherish memories, and to connect the past with the present time. What you wear to homecoming could be influenced by several factors, such as - obviously - your personality and own personal taste, what your date is wearing, as well as your body type. 

I put together a few ideas for homecoming that you can choose from and thus filter out your options, in cases of confusion. The amount of Homecoming dresses which you can choose from are limitless, which is exactly why I decided to write this post.

Choose the right cut / length

One of the first things that you have to decide on is the cut of the dress or the silhouette that would fit your body type. There are plenty of online website that give you an indication of which dress type fits your body most, all you have to do is google it :) - please let me know if you want me to write on it, i'd gladly do it. Additionally, the length will depend on several factors such as what your date is wearing, the venue and also how comfortable you are with the different dress lengths.

Choose color, pattern & fabric wisely

This again has to be discussed with your date, as you wouldn't want to differ too much from him. Also you have to check with your date so that the level of 'how glamorous' your dress is will match that of your date's. I am currently in love with Black Homecoming dresses ; they are trending for homecoming this year :)

All dresses shown above are available here
A simple black dress goes with everything your date would wear, and also you can get as creative as you'd like with accessories, hair and makeup.

Pay attention to comfort

I know that in fashion comfort is probably the least important topic, however when it comes to enjoying such event like homecoming dance, you must make sure that you are feeling comfortable in your outfit because you will need that comfort in order to socialize with your friends and be able to enjoy the night to the fullest! The fabric of the dress will influence the comfort level, also the accessories - such as the shoes you choose - will tremendously affect your comfort levels. Choose them wisely. You will also need something that you can dance in.