To many, Karl Lagerfeld is often seen as an immoral, almost psychotic fashion figure. I couldn't agree or disagree to that statement, as I am personally a fan of Karl and his 'Karlism', however I do believe that many could misunderstand his theories and ideas; thus formulating a negative impression of this incredible fashion personality.

Throughout the years that I have been following Mr. Lagerfeld, I have learnt several life lessons from him. These lessons were not limited to the fashion industry only, but also on life, luxury and discipline.

For the love towards Karl Lagerfeld, and to cherish all the fabulous work that he created for the fashion industry, I decided to put together a few life lessons that I truly learnt from Mr. Lagerfeld. These lessons have influenced my way of thinking, life goals and the way I live today.

My goal from this post is to showcase how fashion people can influence fashion fans in more than just art forms and design, but in mindset and approach of life.

Please note that all photographs used below are captures from Karl's book: "The world according to Karl", which I have read last year.

He encouraged me to read more

They say "Reading nurtures the soul". Karl Lagerfeld has always been a fan of reading and books, and he honestly encouraged me to desire reading about many more diverse topics in order to broaden my general knowledge.

He redefined Luxury and Insanity in my dictionary

Karl Lagerfeld was able to change my idea of luxury. He made sure that he put across his idea of luxury, enforcing the fact that it is not just money dependent. Similarly, his view on life agrees with the ability to do crazy things, yet with discipline. That is something I completely agree with, and live my life by on a daily basis. 

I also adore the fact that Lagerfeld indirectly stated that normal is overrated, and that it is better to be absolutely insane in the eyes of people in order to voice your opinion in a unique manner.

He taught me how to become a stronger individual

Self development and freedom of self expression has always been something dear to my approach of life. I always try to stress the importance of spending time to develop oneself, as it will make you grow as a person. This is something that Mr. Lagerfeld also agrees on. 

Freedom of speech and expressing oneself is also something that Mr. Lagerfeld encouraged me to do, and I find myself much more expressive of what I think because of him. I am no longer afraid to speak my mind, and even sometimes emotions.

He reassured me that it's okay to be alone

Solitude is seldom seen as a luxury, and many would look down on the idea of living alone capably. Gladly, Lagerfeld is not part of that team, as he really embraces the idea of living independently as an individual. He made me love the idea of standing on my own two feet alot more. Now I view being alone as something one must embrace, and not be ashamed or sad of.

He informed me that elegance is beyond what you own or wear

Being a blogger of the fashion and beauty industry, it is always easy to fall into the mis-interpretation of elegance. Fortunately, our greatest designers are always there to inform everybody that elegance is way beyond what you wear or what you own. My idea of elegance has been re-established due to the likes of CoCo Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. Elegance has to come from within, if you do not have it when naked, then you wouldn't have it clothed.

He taught me terrific work ethic

Karl is a workaholic, he loves his job and he loves to do his work as much as possible. Because of him, I look forward to starting a career in the fashion industry, and seeing him as a real hard worker who is desperately in love with his job, gives me motivation to work even extra hard to fulfill my dreams and goals. He is an example that illustrates the importance of hard work in the fashion industry, unlike what many would misunderstand about such work environment - focusing on the glitz and the glam aspect of it.

This part also taught me the importance to choose and settle for a job that you absolutely love, that way work isn't considered work at all!

with love,