I hope you're all having a blessed and beautiful Saturday.

In two days, it is Mother's day in most parts of the world - specifically America celebrates mother's day in May; we personally celebrate mother's day in March. However, knowing that my largest viewers come from the United States, I thought it is only natural to publish a gift guide for the fashionable mom for this year's mothers day!

If you have a mom who's really into fashion, you might wonder what to get her on this special day, what would win her approval, and more importantly her high fashion taste! Well let me assure you, a mother generally does not care about the financial value of a gift. This day is made to embrace her love and show her love, regardless what you give to her as a present. However, what are certain things that a mother would appreciate on this special day? - especially if she's realllly into fashion?

One thing that can never go wrong - and it might sound extremely cliche, however I assure you that every woman into fashion is a fan of flowers! Flowers can really go a long way.

Photographs taken from vogue.co.uk
Vogue.co.uk made a guide on where to find the best florists around New York and LA in particular. You can read it here if you are a resident of the area.

For a fashion mom, skin care is probably one of the crucial daily steps to consider, and even though she may not admit it ... wrinkles and her skin aging is probably one of her biggest concerns when it comes to beauty. She would most likely love skincare and body gifts, so why not choose something from this category wisely?

My recommendations:

  • La Mer The Regenerating Serum - Click here to purchaselarge image view
  • Rodin luxury body oil - Click here to purchase

What if she's more of a fashion person instead of a beauty focused mom, I would suggest you buy her a memorable accessory that every fashion conscious person would love. By accessories, I do not neccessarily mean fashion pieces ... but accessories of all kind. If she's a busy mom, buy her something that would help her keep track of her schedule and items that she needs to remember, or if she's into shoes ... then go ahead and buy her a new pair!

My recommendations:

  • Hermes Notebook cover - Click here to purchase


  • Isabel Marant Feather Cuff - Click here to purchase
Isabel Marant Feather Cuff -  - Barneys.com
  • Michael Kors Bag - Click here to purchase
  • Oliver People's sunglasses and perfume set - Click here to purchase
Byredo Oliver Peoples Green with Sunglasses -  - Barneys.com

On the other hand, if she's more of a homebody and loves to put fashionable items around her home, then I found a few suggestions that you could buy for her:

  • Helena teapot - Click here to purchase
  • Vintage rug - Click here to purchase
  • Vintage Decorative box - Click here to purchase

Perhaps the items shown on this post are rather high-end fashion items. They are merely a recommendation / suggestions. You can alter it according to the budget you have in mind.

I wish you all a blessed mother's day.

With love,