"I'm not lonely, and I think that has a lot to do with what's on my bedside table rather than what's in my bed."

I have always believed that one can tell significant amount of information about a person just by looking at her/his bedside table. What is it that you keep so close to your reach when the night descends?  

Many of you probably noticed that I find it extremely difficult to write about myself, as I am always a fan of reinventing myself into the better. I find it extremely hard to define my personality as it is constantly growing up; however, I do find it important that my readers know me more as a person and who I am and what I like to do, therefore I want to begin a series of posts that I would do occasionally, under the title 'Get to know Balsam'. Yes, I am starting by letting you guys into my very personal space very close to me: my bedside table. I believe you can find out so much about me if you get an insight of what I keep close to my side, on a daily basis.

I always love to keep the books that I am currently reading by my side table. I am enjoying the company of Dan brown's 'Inferno' and Eric Ries's 'The Lean Startup'. I usually read before sleeping and when I wake up in the morning. I like to always dedicate 30 minutes of reading before sleeping, and the same when I wake up. I find this way a good way to sleep and wake up productively, which is why I always set up my alarm 30 minutes prior the time i'd actually like to get up from my bed.

I also keep my favorite accessories hung on this glamorous figurine I have purchased from Bordeaux, France. It holds memories, looks fabulous and makes me accessories easy to access.

Finally, one of my favorite spots in my room is my left hand sidetable which holds so many memories. I placed several figurines which I have collected from many of the countries that I have visited in the two last recent years. I love to look at them when I wake up and think of new places to visit.

Similarly, keeping photographs of family and friends helps me maintain a warm and homey environment, especially when I am living away from home.

Overall, I love fashion, reading and travel and that is very visible from what you can find on my bedside tables.

What's on yours?