Happy Sunday beautiful people :]

Sundays are days of relaxation, comfort and peace - well that's my point of view anyway. Those three things are exactly what 'Bagels & Beans' has to offer every time I stop by.

Bagels and Beans is a Bagel specialized cafe; in Enschede where I currently live, it is located at Korte Hengelosestraat in the city. As I have promised earlier in this post, I would like to share my favorite places in Enschede, the Netherlands ... and what better place to start that Bagels & Beans where I personally love to go on a regular basis.

I would recommend a good breakfast at Bagels & Beans with friends or family; the atmosphere is extremely cozy and welcoming; the staff are always polite and attentive. Additionally, the menu offers several healthy options and various bagel types to choose from, my personal favorites are the sesame and everything bagels! :) 

 I will leave you with a phew photographs that I have taken during my last visit to the place, with my close friend Rona.

Oh, did I mention that they also offer the best warm chocolate ever! 

Bagels & Beans menu

Bagels & Beans menu (the sweet special is absolutely delicious!)

Power breakfast at bagels & beans

Rona enjoying her bagels (and iPhone)

Please note that this is not a paid post, I am simply listing my own personal favorite places in Enschede.