Happy Monday beautiful people :]

I have been scrolling through net-a-porter.com for some style inspiration and I came across the fabulous ALTUZARRA and noticed that many of their recent items feature patterns of plaid, animal printes, and many other interesting detail. I had to share my thoughts on the items of their new collection as the pattern mixture seems to be quite well styled and gives a retro feel in a good way.

I have recently purchased a snake skin printed skirt from Altuzarra and since then I noticed how they interpret patterns very visibly and boldly on their clothing items; similarly, I witnessed a few of their accessories - shoes in particular - with similar bold prints.

Plaid prints were very dominant, and I like the way they styled them together - as seen on the images below where a plaid skirt is paired with plaid shirt, and still looking fabulously fashionable. Also, they minimized the plaid effect by adding a shear top to go over the shirt. I am utterly impressed with the styling below.

As I have mentioned earlier, shoes and accessories also had their fair share of patterned fabric and materials, such as the shoes shown below which have several beads and embellishments, as well as a unique snake skin material as the dominating factor of the design.

I also noticed the use of fringe in their designs which I absolutely adored! If you know me, you'd probably know that I am always in love with fringe for spring. I am impressed by the use of fringe on shoes though, which is something I did not see often previously. I also love the interpretation of fringe on one side of blazers (as seen below)

And patterns continue to dominate in their designs:

All items displayed on this post can be found on net-a-porter.com; 

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