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A while ago, I have written a post - which is one of the highest anticipated posts I have ever written, as I have received a lot of questions about it since then - on the difference between BB cream and Foundation (You can read it here if you are interested). Up to this day, I still have confused faces when I speak differently of the BB cream and foundation, and now that there are many more new beauty products raging into the market (such as the CC cream and DD cream) as a beauty blogger, I feel obliged to explain the difference between each. I will start today by giving a brief explanation of what a CC cream is, what is it supposed to do, and where you can find it ... ending with my personal favorite recommendations.

What is a CC cream?

CC cream - or Color control cream / Color correcting cream / Complexion correcting cream - is a beauty marketing name used for a product which promises to reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or to improve uneven skin tone. It has been first popular - just like the BB cream - in Asia, specifically in South Korea. It has been gaining popularity throughout the rest of the world in recent months.

Why use a CC cream?

Many would ask what is the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream; the answer to that is easy. CC creams help to address redness issues, while BB creams act as a lighter alternative to foundation - some with healing abilities to scars as well. If you have redness on some parts of your skin and you wish for a more toned complexion, then opt for a CC cream.

Where to find CC creams?

CC creams are not becoming more and more popular with high-end brands, such as Chanel. I have never personally tried their CC cream but heard a good amount of positive feedback for it. You can practically find CC creams with many brands (see image above for examples).

Balsam Picks

I have not tried many CC creams, however I am familiar with the Etude House CC cream which I believe is a South Korean cosmetic brand. My sister uses it, and I have tried it previously and absolutely liked it. It works as it promises and fixes uneven skin tone well for daily use.

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