Hello beautiful people :]

I hope that all of you who had Easter celebrations enjoyed some quality time with friends and family! wishing you a blessed time ahead Xo

AlBalsamLife.com had the honor of being invited - thank you to Sari from The Style Travelista -  to this year's InaFair which took place at the Indonesian embassy in Muscat, Oman. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend as I am currently abroad, however I managed to send my sisters on my behalf to cover the event and enjoy the cultural experience. 

The event was generally aimed to strengthen the relationship between Oman and Indonesia on a large scope; however, the main idea of the event aided the empowerment of rising female Indonesian entrepreneurs and fashion designers, as it focused on their role in the society. The event was attended by the Indonesian ambassador himself.

I have utmost admiration for such women who are busy with something they are passionate about, and are not afraid to showcase it to the society. As a fashion conscious young woman, I always love to see what other young women have to offer to such industry. Therefore, receiving an invitation to this even was certainly an honor and something I could really learn from.

As for the event itself, it has been pleasurable and quite entertaining. There were a few dancers present to show some cultural aspects from Indonesia, as well as several meals and food made by Indonesians - did I ever mention that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Indonesian food! my family too, so this was rather an exciting highlight.

The event also included a fashion show which featured designs from young and rising Indonesian designers, a pop up store and a cultural art performance which was made in cooperation with the Indonesian society in Oman.

Now I will leave you with a few photographs from the event:

In the end, I'd like to thank everybody who made this event possible and I especially send gratitude to Sari for letting me know about this. Make sure you check out her blog to read more on her experience in Oman!