Happy Friday to all of you beautiful people :]

Today while I was out running some errands, I came across a newly opened Mango store in the town which I live in. I realized that there's plenty of fashion items available at the store that are somewhat repetitive, and it made me think why would they put such items in almost every season or collection. However, quickly enough I realized that such items belong to the 'essentials' category that would never grow out of style, hence it is rather wise to keep on producing them.

I put together a list of items that I believe would never run out of fashion, no matter at what age you are. I personally came across the following article written by http://www.safestore.co.uk/ (click here to read the article) and saw it as a good starting point on finding out your perfect capsule wardobe - meaning your wardrobe essentials which would never run our of style - so I strongly recommend you read it to kick off your essentials hunt. As for my personal picks, they're as follows:

The little black dress

Karl Lagerfeld once said: "One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a little black dress"; I couldn't agree more!

Thanks to Coco Chanel who introduced the spotlight to the LBD, now a woman can wear it at any age and feel sexy and great about herself. It is certainly a fashion essential that you need in your wardrobe, and you can be assured that it would never go out of style.

The basic black or nude pump

Ranked as two of the must haves in your shoe closet, you can literally live with the basic black and nude pumps for the rest of your life! They go with almost every outfit you can think of, and fit many occasions. They have been in the industry for too long, and I doubt they're going to disappear anytime soon.

The pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is said to be a pre-world war two trend which was inspired from the hobble skirt; thus it has been in history for a very long time! and it is still work to this very day. Invest in a good basic pencil skirt as a start up - like the one shown above worn by Jennifer Lopez - and you're goo to go :) (rest assured that it would never go out of style).

The leather jacket

My father was the one who got me into the leather jacket. Both of my parents are a fan! I remember everytime I went shopping with my father, he would always encourage me to buy leather jackets :) - yes I owe you a lot dad!. 

In general, the leather jacket is a life savor. Whenever I have no idea what to wear, I just throw on a t-shirt, jeans and put on my leather jacket to add a bit of complexity.

The dark hat

Again, Coco Chanel made the hats become very popular and I love her so much for doing that. 

I always love to have my basic black hat with me everytime I travel, i feel like I can easily get away with looking bad (i.e lacking styling and makeup) if I put on my black hat. It also gives a good air of mystery and sophistication.

Please share with me what you think is never going to run out of style! and also, don't forget to create your capsule wardrobe by the help of this article here! :) it really helped me a lot Xo