City of Enschede - the Netherlands
After a small conversation with a friend of mine, I realized that I have written quite plenty on many cities that I have visited in the recent years, however I did not include one of the important cities: the one I currently live in 'Enschede'. I have been living in this city for almost two years now, since I moved away from home in 2013 to pursue my undergrad studies. 

Enschede is a city located in Eastern Netherlands in a province names Overijssel. It is rather a small town, but has recently gained more attention and the international population has increased rapidly. To me, this city gives me a good feel of the dutch culture since when I first moved here, I had to mingle with the Dutch since there wasn't many international students compared to other cities in the Netherlands. 

This post is just a humble introduction to a series of posts which I will be posting about this city that - to me - means quite alot, since it's the first place I live without my family as a young woman. The series of posts will be rather personal and will feature some of my best memories made here, favorite places that I love to go to frequently, as well as some unique things that I find in the city when exploring once in a while.

Stay tuned :)


Balsam Xo