It's only a matter of weeks before the beginning of the 2015 spring, and it is certainly the time to prepare your wardrobe for a fabulous and chic spring. Many of us are probably very bored of the thick and heavy winter gear, and - just like myself - couldn't be more excited to switch into spring wear.

I summed up for you guys today a few trends that are taken from the spring runways, that are expected to be of great influence for the spring season this year! I will elaborate my thoughts on them and share a few styling tips on the way ...

so here it goes

Head-to-toe white

It's not about the all black look anymore; spring gives a brighter vibe, therefore go for an all-white look! and FYI, it's a myth that white makes you look fat! 

It's all about the layering of the white segments, as well as choosing various shades of whites in one outfit.

One shoulders

one shoulder top
The one shoulder trend dissapeared for a while, however this spring it makes a terrific comeback! I have always loved the off shoulder trend, and I was slightly sad to see it disappearing from the runways and stored; If you're also a fan of the off shoulder cuts, then go ahead and experiment with it this spring! I noticed that printed garments and bold colors are used for spring, with an off shoulder cut :) it makes the trend eve more vibrant.

The boyfriend jeans

Miley Cyrus sure knows how to rock roomy over-sized boyfriend jeans. I am fully aware that this is not a very easy trend to rock - me myself find it extremely hard to feel confident and comfortable with a roomy boyfriend jeans. This spring, this trend is again back! I strongly suggest for you to keep your tops tighter rather than baggy, to create a balanced contrast.

Military chic

Ralph Lauren gave us several military green looks - see image above - in New York Fashion Week this year for their spring/summer collection. I am such a big fan of military chic! I feel like it gives a very positive strong and bold twist to what usually seems very feminine. 

Shirt dresses

There's nothing that speaks spring more than a flirt, sexy shirt dress! pairing shirt dresses with noticeable belts this spring is certainly a hit!