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Shoe by Crockett and Jones - available on: http://www.crockettandjones.com/

I have been recently thinking of purchasing new shoes, since I have a feeling that my shoes are all worn out and need proper care from now on. This urged me to put together a list of advice on how to care for your leather shoes, or handmade shoes that have the tendency to look work out if not taken care of properly!

Leather shoes need continuous care with a special leather wax polish (invest in a good quality one in order to maintain your shoes); this helps in making your shoes look new for a longer time, and less worn out in the long run. You must apply such wax polishes to the shoes while they are dry, and not wet in any form. Additionally, make sure you dry the polish on the shoes before using the shoes.

The key with using such polishes is to invest on a good quality one, and not one that would have the potential to damage your high quality leather shoes. This damage that could be made would be very difficult to remove or hide.

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In order to remove easy dirt, a rubber suede brush can be used on leather shoes to remove apparent dirt from suede shoes. Sprays are also sold to polish such shoes, and one can treat the suede shoe with suede shampoo. Suede can often be renewed using water steam, followed by gentle cleaning with a rubber suede brush.

If you own waterproof leather shoes, taking care of them can be done by purchasing a waxed leather cream that is rubbed on the shoes. This works by conditioning and softening the leather, making it more protected. 

Most importantly, one must allow the leather to dry for one day in case of water getting on the shoes. 

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You can purchase good quality shoe care products from the many stores of  Crockett and Jones - a luxury shoe brand which has been in the business for 135 years. They have a store in London, United Kingdom which offers several show care products, as well as high quality shoes that I personally find extremely beautifully and well made.

It is very important to invest some time in taking care of your leather shoes, especially if you would like to prolong their lifespan and make them seem new, even if they are not.