To many, looking younger is an ultimate goal; fortunately for us, there are many tips and tricks that can aid the skin to looking younger simply by knowing how to apply your makeup! and what products to use :D ...

Today, I will give you a mini guide on how to make your skin appear younger than it actually is!

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize even more!

Nothing makes you look older than dry skin! you must never skip the moisturizing step before starting to apply your makeup! A good moisturizer will make your skin look glowy and much younger; it will also decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

Also, in the long run having a well moisturized skin will prevent the formation of wrinkles which are the deadliest skin threat! I personally love the Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask, it really works like wonders and leaves your skin super moisturized and soft! for a daily moisturizer I recommend the Chanel Hydra beauty creme; other natural alternatives include using olive or almond oil pre-sleep on a daily basis to give you a well moisturized skin.

Use your Highlighter wisely

I am always impressed by Kendal Jenner's highlighter! It is applied perfectly at the corners of the eyes, bride of the nose, brow bone and top of the cheek bones. This step will give the illusion of having a naturally highlighted, young looking skin!

I am obsessed with the Shieseido Luminizing satin face color in WT905 High Beam White. It highlights perfectly and naturally :)

Opt for liquid products

Choosing the formulas and texture of the products you use makes a big difference! I would always swear that a concealer can either make or break your makeup!

If you're looking to make your skin younger and more glowing, then go for a more liquidy concealer like the Clarins instant light brush on perfector or the radiant touch concealer by YSL (both shown above). They are my personal favorites, and have been for over 4 years now!

Beauty blend & skip the tinted powder

I have recently switched back to using a beauty blender - mainly because of the switching in the weather, I thought I needed a better application tool for my foundation or skin products - however, in general I think a beauty blender works better than a foundation brush. Many professional makeup artists like to use a damp beauty blender for application, as it does not apply too much, leaving the skin natural and not fully covered in foundation. I love the Sephora beauty blenders, they work very well.
As for the tinted powder, please get rid of it ... I have been a fan of translucent powder ever since I started applying makeup! which is quite a long time now; I strongly recommend the MAC prep and prime translucent powder. You don't need a tint in your powder anymore, especially if you switch to liquid foundation.

Curl them lashes

If you know me, you'd probably know that I am very eye lash obsessed! especially curling the eye lashes. I personally have long eye lashes, however they are not as curled as I'd like them to be; therefore, I always invest some time in curling them before applying mascara! it makes such a difference.

The reason behind the importance of curling your eye lashes when you get older is that eye lashes actually flatten as you age, therefore the need for an eye lash curler grows through time. 

I recommend the Chanel eye lash curler, it has a very comfortable design and is very effective. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, then go for The Body Shop curler, it also works like wonders.

Go Nude

Another thing that changes as we age is the fullness of our lips. Sadly, lips do get smaller as you age, especially the upper lip. I suggest you go nude for your lips in order to avoid bringing too much attention to that area. Also, natural lip tones make you look younger than the darker ones.

I am currently obsessed with chanel lipsticks, they recently launched a new collection for spring. There is a nude lipstick there, a natural pink one :) I am obsessed with it!