It's spring time! many of us are on the go to plan vacations and mini trips for this gorgeous time of the year, where the flowers start blooming and the sun is starting to shine :D ... to some, vacationing brings the horror of not knowing what to pack, especially when it comes to the beauty products that you would need when travelling. Today, I gathered the beauty essentials that I personally think are important for travelling. Note that I will not recommend any specific products, however I will be sharing the type of products you would be aiming to go for; this is because I feel like when travelling you should go for taking products that you are personally used to and are familiar to.

First thing that you will desperately need to invest in for beauty travel essentials is your go to toiletry/makeup/beauty bag!

 I am personally a big fan of the Kipling toiletry and makeup bags, because regardless of their small size they are very stretchable and can fit plenty of products that are necessary for travel. They are also made of material that would prevent any leakage in such cases, that way you can ensure that nothing would get on your clothes when traveling! Additionally, their looks are a big bonus :D

Creativity bag in Starlight Blue by kipling - available on
I recently got a toiletry bag from Kipling, that I used for two of my recent trips to Annecy, France and Madrid, Spain. It was extremely useful and fit my entire makeup and beauty kit needed for the trips; therefore, I really think its important that you invest in a good travel beauty bag so that you can easily carry your beauty essentials around.

As for the beauty products, I believe that the fundamental idea to keep in mind when packing your beauty essentials is the fact that you need to do everything much quicker than you would usually have to do when you're at the comfort of your own home. Thus, you should opt for taking the products that you are really familiar with: your favorite items!

Brushes / Tools you will need:
1. Beauty blender instead of foundation brush
2. Basic eye-shadow flat brush
3. Blending brush (fluffy type as it can be used for multiple jobs)
4. Eye-brow pencil - to avoid having to carry a brush and the brow kit, just go for an eyebrow pencil as it has both in one! it is also easier to apply and quicker to finish

Products you will need:
1. A wake me up blush - I like to call it a 'wake me up' shade of pink which gives a natural blush look in the morning. This prevents the tired and monotone look
2. Good soft Bronzer
3. Soft brown shadow kit - invest in a good neutral shadows kit that you can carry with you and pull of several looks from!
4. Lip balm - this is probably the most important thing for me when packing for a trip :)
5. Makeup wipes - these are generally not the ideal way to remove makeup, however when travelling they become the best option
6. One darker shade of lipstick - to level up your makeup from day time to night time or for special occasions. You can always get away with minimal makeup on the eyes if you just wear darker shade of lipstick; this will save a lot of time when getting ready 
7. Concealer: MUST HAVE WHEN TRAVELLING! It instantly wakes up your eyes
8. Kohl pencil (good quality) can also replace eye liner, and is easier to apply
9. Waterproof mascara

Other essentials that are optional include: oil wipes if you have an oily skin, translucent powder if you are paranoid about your concealer creasing or your foundation looking cakey. As for the skin, you might want to pack bb cream or tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. This is handy especially if you're going for a sunny vacation!