Hello beautiful people :]

We are all probably aware that Valentines day is this upcoming Saturday, and some of you may be in the phase of deciding what to buy for their significant other! Since I have not published an article to aid the male population in so long, I thought I would do that today because I have a couple of gift ideas that you can give for her for this special occasion. 

This gift guide will feature a variety of items that I think are a great fit to be given on Valentines day to spoil your gf/wife/partner/etc. Please note they are not in any particular order, they are just gift suggestions that you can consider.

"give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"

ANOUK - Red Suede Pointy Toe Pumps by Jimmy Choo - available here
I think one can never go wrong with basic pumps as a valentines day gift, red is just a bonus. A basic black pump wiill always do good in a girl's closet. The fact that it is very simply designed makes it an ideal gift especially if you are not very familiar with her taste in high heels. I really love the red Suede Pointy toe pumps by Jimmy choo shown above!

"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."

The Love Book by Allie Esiri hardcover book - available here!
I am a person who is in deep love with poetry; although arabic poetry is my favorite, I still admire the way that love is interpreted in poetry, prose and letters from the greatest writers in the English language. I the love book by Allie Esiri is a very thoughtful gift to give to her especially if you find it difficult to express your love towards her in your own words. It will certainly make her smile with all the beautiful words placed in the book about love in general.

"Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe."

Lace trimmed tulle robe - available here!

Lingerie is probably the most popular gift suggestion for her during valentines day; I must admit that women really love to invest in good lingerie, because it makes them feel ultra sexy and it gives them a boost of confidence. A good set of lingerie would be a good intimate gift for this special occasion. I really love the lace robe by KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE shown on the image above.

"Better three hours too soon than a minute too late."

Michael Kors watch - available here!
If your girl is quite conscious about time value, then a watch would certainly be a good fit for her! Michael Kors offers amazingly designed watches with great quality. If she's a fashion conscious girl who also values quality, a Michael Kors watch will make her day for sure. DKNY also offers great watched, alongside Fossil too!

"Color her life"

Colored stone jewelry by http://www.pragnell.co.uk/
In my view, colored stones jewelry are always a great gift idea! The vibrant colors are an ultimate representation of glamour, and trust me when I say every girl loves a bit of glamour! I personally love the Jewelry offered by http://www.pragnell.co.uk/ - you can view their jewelry collection here!; the image above shows three distinct products made with diamonds and colored stones that I think would make a good fit for a valentines day gift for your significant other.

I wish you all a happy Valentines day filled with love & laughter Xo