Hello beautiful people :]

For many of you who are reading my blog, fashion and beauty probably has a big influence on your day to day lives, and to many it may even be a dream job! 

Owning a beauty salon is likely to be a dream for so many of you, or even a life goal; for this reason, I wanted to create a very simple 'how to' guide showcasing a few steps that are vital for organizing and decorating a beauty salon from scratch! The next few steps should be a good starting point for you:

1. Set a budget


Setting a budget is like always the first step in initiating any business. In order to make money, you have to spend money! 

You must set a budget that is realistic and ideal for the quality you wish to have in your beauty salon; one must also make sure to set a + or - value for the budget that they do not want to exceed, this will make your life much easier later on when purchasing other items.

2. Pick a theme


You should be able to choose a theme to follow for the decoration of your beauty salon; this could be a color theme or a specific type of theme such as: elegant, glamour, jungle, etc. 

The colors are very important when attempting to make the customers feel comfortable, which plays a vital role in such business.

3. List the equipment needed


In order to avoid excess purchases, you must make a list of items that you certainly need in your beauty salon. I would recommend that you buy the absolute vital items first, and build as your business grows. This way you will have a sight of things you need to enhance after some time in your business, by relating it to your consumers opinion.

4. Make smart purchases


Now that you have listed everything you need to buy, and have a set idea on a budget, go ahead and make the purchase!

You must be able to compare several suppliers of salon equipment in order to find what is suitable for you. One must look into the set budget, color theme, theme in general and equipment needed to fulfill the services offered by the business. Salon furniture can now be offered by several suppliers but you should always seek for a good enough quality; I personally like Salon Lines which offers a variety of products such as general furniture for a salon, nail equipment, and other utilities needed for a salon including good quality scissors, brushes, towels, etc.

5. Plan the interior design


Now that you have made your smart purchase, go ahead and make a plan of what goes where. Depending on the budget you have set for yourself, this can be done by the help of a professional interior designer, or by the creativity of your own mind!!

A plan will make it so much easier to implement all your purchases into the space you have available.

6. Add your final touches 

In the end, you must add a little bit of personality to your salon by finalizing the look with your own personal touches to make it unique. This is entirely up to you to decide :)

with love,