Yes, you need to fit these too…

Sunglasses are as much of a fashion statement as your clothes, and just like with clothes, you need to think about shape and on how they fit. You can have the finest glasses from designer brand but if the shape and fit are wrong, you will be looking like a hot mess! Since we do not want that for you, we have broken down the process for you.

Step 1: What’s the size of your face?

Well, that may sound strange but we do need to get your facial dimensions. How? First, measure the distance between your cheekbones, that is, the area just below your eyes. Then, measure the size of your jawbone. Make sure to take the tape underneath your face, not along your chin. Find out the length of your face from the center of your hairline, down along your nose and to your chin. Finally, measure the width of your forehead.

Make sure to have all these measurements written down so you can compare them to the dimensions of the sunglasses. If you are ‘e-shopping’ for sun glasses online stores will have the dimensions written down in the product information section. They usually appear as three numbers showing the eye size, bridge size and temple size, in that order.

Step 2: What’s the shape of your face?

Your face could be any one of six possible shapes:

  •  Round
  • Oval
  •  Heart
  •  Diamond
  •  Square
  •  Oblong

Each of these shapes is better suited to different kinds of sunglasses. For instance, round faces look better with more defined frames while an oval face can wear just much any shape as long as it doesn’t cover the entire face. Oversized glasses work best with oblong faces. They can also wear frames with sharper angles like rectangle or square styles.

Square faces (broad forehead and strong jaw line) work best with curvier frames like aviator or butterfly styles to help soften their sharp features. The same goes for diamond faces; and they could add the clubman style to their list. Heart-shapes faces need rounded styles to give them a more balanced look

Step 3: What style works best for you?

There are literally thousands of eyewear designers but they work around certain styles of sunglasses. These are wrap, wayfarer, aviators, square, rectangle, clubman, butterfly and shield. You can choose from any of these based on the shape of your face as well as the activity you will be engaged in while wearing them.
For instance, wrap styles look sporty and are actually a favorite among athletes. They are streamlined, lightweight and provide complete cover for the eye. You have probably seen iron man competitors and bikers wearing them. On the other hand, the clubman frame may look cool but is not suitable for sports. This is more of a dressy, ‘up in the club’ style.

Square styles are quite fashionable and better suited for oblong faces while wayfarer styles (which closely resemble square) look great on nearly any face.

With these three tips, you should be well on your way to getting the best style of sunglasses for you. Happy shopping!

Author Bio

Dean McGlean is a fashion blogger and onset movie stylist. He knows a thing or two about making people look good by wearing the finest glasses for instance. Visit his website to read more.