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I spoke to my sister Salsabil today and she shared with me a quick at home remedy for bad skin that she swore is the best remedy she ever came across so far! she stated that it 'instantly transformed her skin from the first try'; I always believe Salsabil's suggestions when it comes to skincare, so I thought i'd go ahead and try it myself and share the results with you guys!

First of all, I have been having a few breakouts because of that time of the month, and I wanted to treat them immediately as soon as Salsabil suggested this remedy. Here's what you simply have to do:

Bring a few sweet potatoes - that you can eat later on ;)
Boil them on plain water
After boiling them, take the water and set it aside
Eat the potatoes
Store the water and use it as a toner, leaving it on for up to 40 minutes

Then you will see the magic!!

I couldn't believe the results, it really cures breakouts immediately and gives a healthy glow to your skin after keeping the water on your face for a while and then cleansing it. 

You should certainly try it and see the results for yourselves! it's quick and very easy, plus the water can be kept and used as a toner for future uses.

Let me know what you think!