On the 31st of January 2015, a group of friends and I paid a visit to a town named Naarden here in the Netherlands where I currently live. Naarden is a town which is located in the Gooi province in North Holland in the Netherlands; it is a star shaped fort surrounded by fortified walls. Its star shape is what attracted my friends and I into visiting it, where initially we were planning to visit the star fort in Groningen, however a last minute change of plans switched our destination to Naarden instead; We all did not regret this choice :)

Our trip began by walking around the fortified town - with the aim of finding a cool and affordable place to eat. There are several nice snack bars in the small town, as well as high end restaurants serving full menus with higher prices. The welcoming vibe in the town made it comfortable to even have a quick bite outside regardless of the chilly weather, the roads were very small and almost vacant at the time period we were there, and to me that made it even more comfortable to explore the town and focus on what it has to offer.

You're probably wondering what motivated me to post several photographs of antique clocks above; well, the reason behind that is quite simple:

During my trip to Naarden, I came across a store selling and repairing antique clocks or clocks in general, and I had a quick conversation with the owner of the store and I was honestly thrilled by his wisdom and knowledge. He introduced us to many antique clocks he owned in his store, as well as their mechanics and origin/history. In addition to his astonishing knowledge about clocks, he also seemed to know several information about politics in my country, Oman; which I have to admit was shocking and came as a surprise to me! It urged me to ask 'have you ever visited Oman', 'No' he said; 'I just like to read alot' ... stunning answer; it made me think of reading more to extend my own general knowledge.

If you ever visit Naarden, you should certainly stop by and have a chat with the clock maker. You can find the store at Marktstraat 32, 1411 EA Naarden - Vesting. Or you can contact him via email or visit their website here!

In general, Naarden was a very pleasant experience, although it was rather quick. You can easily plan a day trip to Naarden and enjoy pretty much everything that the town has to offer. Unfortunately, we did not manage to take a look at the castle, however we found a little time to take a look through the vesting museum, which was quite interesting and very informative. The museum is open from 10:30 - 17:00 from Tuesday to Friday, and 12:00 - 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

I strongly recommend it for passionate travelers, it is a very pleasant town with very nice and polite people.