Prom dresses are one of the most anticipated type of dresses in every female teenager's life! The dress you wear to prom will continue to hold a special place in your wardrobe and will be remembered and talked about for many many years. 

Long prom dresses are my personal favorites - however there are some exceptionally gorgeous short prom dresses that I will be posting about soon!. Long prom dresses will be the main focus of today's post, as I will be giving you some of the biggest trends for this year!

I will be listing the trends below, with the corresponding pictures shown above.

1. Shoulder/Chest embellishments: This trend continues to hold a big place for 2015, focusing more on embellishing dresses on the shoulder/chest area with the dress being plain until it hits the ground. This is great because the embellishment gives a focus on the upper body and the rest of the dress balances everything well

2. A-line wonder: A-line dresses are gorgeous, and when you have a long A-line dress it is even better! I love A-line dresses with sea-through chiffon material. A dress like the one shown above (worn by Rihanna) is certainly a show stopper

3. Sequin and V-backs: Sequin dresses have always represented glamour, and whats better than a glamorous dress for prom? Go double glamour with a v-shaped back :D

4. Dark Lace: Lace is a never ending trend. It has a very long history, as some lace have been found in Roman remains. In 2015, it continues to be part of my list, particularly darker shades.

5.Black & White block A-line: sweetheart A-line dresses with a little bit of a darker twist (by adding solid black and white materials) are also a favorite of mine for this upcoming year!
Style tip: Keep your accessories to a minimum when choosing this trend.

6. Bridal inspiration: I noticed that prom dresses for the upcoming year will have influence from the bridal sector, which is never a bad idea! I love pure white on dresses, it somewhat looks angelic and feminine which is ideal for a prom dress. Make sure your white dress is embellished appropriately in order to avoid it looking too bridal.

I look forward to prom this year, and I'd love to try out one of the trends listed here! If you are still looking for a perfect prom dress, make sure you check out as they have many fabulous prom dresses (all the dresses featured in this article are available there!)

Shoulder/Chest embellishments. Source:

A-line wonder.

Sequins and V-backs

Dark lace

Black & White block A-lines. Source: