Happy Monday beautiful people :] I hope you're all having a great start of the week!

Today while I was browsing marieprom.co.uk  I came across some fabulous black gowns that inspired me to write a simple 'how to' guide dedicated for wearing black gowns for prom! I know that so many of you - including myself - have prom coming up, and to many it is a great deal so I am willing to do whatever I can to put together several posts entirely dedicated for prom. If you haven't already read my previous articles on prom, make sure you scroll through them all (especially this one, and this one!)

Now for today's topic which is focused on black gowns for prom (my absolute favorite color!) I put together a list of distinct black gowns provided by marieprom.co.uk along with a mini style guide for each type of gown.

The totally black gown


This is the dress that is jet black. It has a mysterious aura to it, and is usually worn as a high light since the color is extremely strong. I like to wear all black gowns because regardless the lack of color, I think there is a hint of strength for a woman who can pull an all black gown for prom! These kind of dresses I like to keep paired with a casual hair do to balance the intimidation given by the dress.

Classic lace black dress

Both gowns provided by marieprom.co.uk

Lace - as you all probably know - is said to have been used in the fashion industry and specifically became popular when Queen Elizabeth the first became very fond of it in her fashion choices. Black lace and lace in general continues to be an integral part of the fashion industry, which is why I urge you to choose it for your prom. You can never go wrong with a simple lace embellished black dress! The key with wearing such dresses is to maintain the classy look by putting together a sophisticated up do paired with a soft smokey eye. The classic natural hair down could also be an option (as shown on the left image above)

Cut-outs & see through waists

I bet we can all agree that wearing black from prom might be out of so many girls' scope of thinking, simply because prom is supposed to be a fun and perhaps 'colorful' event - depending on the theme of course. However, wearing a black gown with a sexy twist such as having a cut-out waist or shear material interpreted on it can make the dress much more fun and wearable for prom! The key to such dresses if having them perfectly fit according to your body type! Avoid over accessorizing with such dresses as they can easily turn from classy to trashy

so would you wear black to prom?;)