Happy Sunday gorgeous people :]

To many girls, prom is a very important even of the year and preparations usually start months in advance for so many of you! I am fully aware that finding the perfect dress for prom is not always an easy job, which is exactly why I decided to share a series of blog posts dedicated entirely to prom because I know that the stress that comes from prom can be a great deal, starting from thinking of who will be your date, and ending with all the beauty stress of not knowing how to do your makeup and hair!

If you haven't already seen my previous post on long prom dresses and their trends for this year, make sure you check it out here! However, today is all dedicated for short prom dresses and how to rock them, since they are not a very easy to style clothing especially for prom.

One tip that I really would like to stress on is the SHOES! When you're wearing a long prom dress, you can easily get away with wearing any shoe, however that is not the case with short dresses. Make sure you wear shoes that fit perfectly with your dress otherwise you can immediately kill the outfit. I am really loving white-toned short prom dresses - such as the one shown above by Milly Bridal, I would suggest pairing such light toned dresses with a more outgoing colored shoes such as hot pink!

Again, lace and such embellishments are also a favorite of mine when it comes to short dresses! The key to wearing such dresses is to not over-do your makeup and hair. Let the dress speak for itself, and the crystal embellishments and lace will do all the work for you. Wearing too much makeup with a short dress can easily make you look trashy, which is something nobody wants in prom!

Choose your accessories wisely! a short prom dress gives a semi casual feel to prom, so choosing an over the top jewelry or accessories can give mixed feelings about your outfit. A small set of bangles can be enough with a short prom dress! especially if it is already embellished with crystals and/or lace.

If you feel like a short prom dress is not very 'promy' - as one of my friends likes to call it! - but still prefer short dresses instead of long, then opt for 'puffy' short dresses to create a 'promy' feel to the short dress. Prom is such a sweet event, and you would want to look sweet; personally I feel like there's nothing ore girly and sweet than a poofed short dress that will make you look just like a princess ;)

Please note that all images and dresses used in this post are available on Milly Bridal

A-line Scoop Tulle Satin Short/Mini Beading Homecoming Dress. Source: http://uk.millybridal.org/product/a-line-scoop-tulle-satin-short-mini-beading-homecoming-dresses-1690.html

A-line Scoop Tulle Short/Mini Appliques Cocktail Dress. Source: http://uk.millybridal.org/product/a-line-scoop-tulle-short-mini-appliques-cocktail-dresses-7097.html

A-line Jewel Chiffon Lace Short/Mini Beading Party Dress. Source: http://uk.millybridal.org/product/a-line-jewel-chiffon-lace-short-mini-beading-party-dresses-7813.html

A-line Sweetheart Tulle Short/Mini Lace Cocktail Dress. Source: http://uk.millybridal.org/product/a-line-sweetheart-tulle-short-mini-lace-cocktail-dresses-7116.html