Happy Saturday everybody!

Skin care moisturizing. Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bufYDNYsPuw/UsUQkU2sSyI/AAAAAAAAAz4/UlHDPF5bI78/s1600/woman-wash-face.jpg

The harsh winter weather sometimes needs a special skincare routine in order to maintain a soft skin throughout the cold winter months. I have received several questions asking for tips and tricks that will help maintain a well moisturized and soft skin in this season, so I gathered some of my personal favorite tips and tricks to share today :)

One key thing that you should focus on doing this winter is to maintain a moisturized skin! dry skin is really problematic and speeds up the process of wrinkle formation, which is why you must maintain a skin full of moisture. For this, you must switch your oil control summer products into those that will give you moisture! The best texture for winter is the gel hydrating moisturizer, which is sold by several brands including this Hydra Beauty Gel Creme by Chanel

Another trick to remain looking healthy and with a glowing skin during winter, is to simply continue drinking lots of fluids and water! Water really helps in maintaining your skin healthy and moisturized from within. This is a summer beauty secret which works for winter, so make sure you drink enough amounts of water :)

Tinted moisturizers can be a great replacement of the BB cream and light foundation, especially if you feel confident with your skin (which you should!). A good tinted moisturizer can do both: keep the moisture on your skin & make your skin look better and with a more healthy color. I personally would recommend the Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturizer

As I stated previously, you must be able to maintain a moisturized skin in order to prevent skin problems and issues in this cold season, which can be tricky since the hot baths and showers that you take everyday to keep yourself warm are contributing to the dehydration of your skin. To avoid this, make sure you apply moisturizing oils or creams to your skin immediately after showers/bathing.

Those were just a few tips and products that I think are important for your winter skin care routine! In addition to them, there are quick tips that I'd like to share briefly:

  • Don't skip the SPF just because it's not summer! Sunscreen is just as important in winter :)
  • Exfoliate your skin to get rid of the dead cells, and clean your skin regularly to avoid any 'dullness'
  • Prevent peeling any dry patches that may appear due to the dryness on your skin because of the colder air. Use heavier gel-textured moisturizers instead
  • Eat and live healthily, your lifestyle really shows on your skin!

HydraQuench Tinted Moisturizer - Clarins