You know they say, sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.

I couldn't agree more.

I grew up with three other sisters that are honestly a significant part of my life; I was made their sister by fate, I had no choice whatsoever regarding this matter. We became best friends by choice, and today they are the first people I go to in times of joy and despair.

What urged me to write this blog post today is actually something very warm to the heart that my older sister Salsabil sent to me after realizing that I have been rather stressed about a certain matter. She simply told me "when you'[re] really sad I feel really really sad", which acted as a reminder to me that my sisters are always there feeling what I go through, and that the family is really inseparable. To me, that is the meaning of true love. It's the connection you have with certain people that shows that your emotions are somewhat connected: you can feel their happiness, you can feel their sadness and you can feel pretty much all their emotions; why? because their feelings greatly influence yours.

This sort of connection is also visible when a family member that I greatly care about is having a difficult time; although it technically wouldn't affect how my day to day life goes, it still tremendously influences my mood and sometimes affects me on a physical level. This kind of unconditional love is not explanatory. It just exists.

I am more than happy that I can share my life with people that I truly believe are sent to me as blessings, and this blog post is aimed just to send gratitude for them and to remind all my readers that family is indeed important.

Tell somebody you love them today, although they might already be very aware of that.

With love,