Mangalsutra is one such ornament which a woman starts to wear right from the day she gets married.  It is considered as a sacred accessory for every married woman belonging to a Hindu background and is a sign of her marital status. If we see there have been drastic changes in the mangalsutra designs as well as their sizes. Earlier it was a totally filled gold accessory whereas now-a-days it is just a pendant attached to a gold chain.

The changes seen are due to various reasons. There is no specific reason attached to these changes but one peculiar reason is that woman now-a-days have a right to choose what they want to wear. Also today’s woman are more educated and familiar with terms like fashion, style etc. Also if we see, in the Hindu tradition itself there are various kinds in the mangalsutra designs. These designs differ according to the religion and culture that the woman belongs to. The most common one’s are:
  • 1.     The most common one is the LAXMI THAALI worn by Telugus. EL THAALI worn by Malayalee’s and KUMBH THAALI worn by Tamils.
  • 2.       Gujarati’s and Marwari’s usually use a diamond pendant in a gold chain.
  • 3.       Maharashtrians wear a TWO VATI ornament in a gold chain with black moti’s on the side.
Also if we see these designs are according to the culture and they exist till now but the major change that we get to see is in the size of the Mangalsutra.  As new mangalsutra designs come into the market the size of the ornament also goes on changing. Earlier the size of a mangalsutra was as big as a gold neckpiece or to be precise as long as a haar.Later there came a stage where woman use to wear small size of mangalsutra but were still big enough with the traditional designs attached to them. But now the trend seems to be changing. With woman becoming modern with time they prefer minimum jewellery and delicate stuff. Now a day’s mangalsutra’s are as small and delicate as a gold chain with a pendant attached to it. Also not necessarily the pendant has to be gold. It is usually made of diamond or white gold or any other metal. This new style of mangalsutra style is called as the mangalsutra PENDANT which simply means a mangalsutra with a pendant instead of the traditional vati, mani designs.

So, for all the woman who are about to get married and are with the thought of making a classy mangalsutra design there is always a rescue in this big world. Woman can take tips and mix match designs from various Bollywood and Television personalities and make a design of their own by adding their own taste to it.
Aishwarya Rai’s mangalsutra was a long one with black moti’s at the side of a triangular shaped pendant. There are various Television characters that use a 3 tier mangalsutra design which is in trend right now. There are three chains with different sizes and a round ball of gold in the middle of each of the three chains.

Genelia D’Souza was sported with a traditional Maharashtrian style mangalstra but small in size and very close to the neck.

The famous television personality Smriti Irani was seen wearing a black moti chain with a diamond pendant which completed her mangalsutra design.

All in all there are various such designs which even we can design on our own and make our jewellery a beautiful as well as classy piece of ornament.