Whether you're going to school or hitting the gym, Kipling bags are always a great company due to their practicality and ability to contain several items with ease. I personally have opted for Kipling as I grew up during my schooling years, and it still remains to this very day a classic choice of mine and many of my friends and family members. 

I recently received this fabulous Kipling bag (shown on images above - or below if you're reading this from the mail newsletter ;-] ) from the brand's Fall and Winter sparkling collection which I am absolutely into at the moment, and I have been literally wearing it to University, shopping trips, Travel trips, gym session, and many more occasions. From this I concluded that only a Kipling bag fits every occasion that may come across in your head!

During a recent visit to Maasmechelen village in Belgium, I have conducted a mini-survey where I asked several shoppers there and a few friends about their thoughts on the typical Kipling bag, and the responses were quite good. The fundamental conclusion was that the practicality of the Kipling bag was the most anticipated trait, alongside the fact that the bag remains stylish regardless how practical it is. You can read the exact responses of different people at the end of the post, but for now ... let me introduce you to a few items that I am absolutely in love with from the upcoming Spring collection from Kipling

If you can see the images above - or below if you're reading this from the mail newsletter ;-], You should be able to see a few of my favorite items from the upcoming spring collection from Kipling. The most admirable thing about the spring collection is that it speaks color in volumes!! Pastels are a big highlight of the collection, in leather too! which makes it super fashion forward and trendy. Additionally, the patterns and floral prints are back again this spring which are featured throughout this upcoming collection very well: in scarves, sun-glasses, and bags!


"Kipling is a great choice for school bags, I like to see my children comfortably carrying their school books and I think Kipling makes that possible" - Anisa
"The colors are funky and cool. I really like the Kipling bag" - Dinah
"The colors are cute and I can see myself shopping with this bag or going to school with it. The quality is really good for the price given" - Rona 
"I find the logo of the brand quite unique and interesting *laughs*" - Brigitta 
"I currently don't own any Kipling bags but I see people carrying them to school and they look really stylish!" - Dylan
When asked whether she uses Kipling: "Of course! it's my ultimate travel companion" - Noaf

What about you, do you also wear Kipling? ;)

Kipling bag from the Fall/Winter Sparkling collection

My favorite items from the upcoming spring collection!