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I always love the times where my older sister Nariman suddenly gets me a copy of a book that I wanted to read, or one of her recommendations that she believes I would be interested in!

Recently, Nariman gave me a copy of the book 'Why Men Love Bitches' by Sherry Argov, and being the younger sister that I am, I trusted her choice and began to flip the pages of the book. One by one, until I finished all of the 255 pages.

First of all, let me clear out my opinion on the very controversial book title. I personally believe that this title has been chosen mainly to serve as a marketing tool, as it will attract people to buy it! just like how it attracted me and many of my friends to the book. I do not by any shape or form agree that the 'bitch' described in this book is what everybody perceives as a bitch, because to me it seems like the book portrays a bitch as a woman who is more towards being self centered, self respecting and ambitious to reach her own goals before pleasing men. To me, that is not a bitch whatsoever. 

As for what I learnt from this book regarding relationships and life in general, is that one must always give time when it comes to letting new people in her/his life. It does not do to forget those who have always been a part of your life just because you're dating or into somebody new, this new person must work in order to climb up your priority list. 

Similarly, the book advises women not to go out of their way just to please somebody they've just met. Don't change yourself, don't alter your priorities, and don't forget about your other plans and goals until this certain someone proves to be important enough. 

I have seen it happen with sooo many of my female friends, where they put their new crush or the guy they have recently started dating over everything else, and the result after a while is seldom pleasing.

So keeping this post rather short, my only advise is to spend time learning about someone you have recently met, and don't jump into 'new things' hastily.