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Planning an event is surely a hard job, you have to consider every single small detail including the food, music, flowers, decor, venue, gifts, guest list, etc;

Ever since I moved to my new home, I have been very active in hosting events since I always love having people over and gathering everybody together for a good time, but I have to admit that handling everything that comes with hosting an event can be quite tiring. I will be sharing with you tips and tricks in a few blog posts that will hopefully assist you all in hosting beautifully decorated, organised events.

Today, I came across a very beautiful idea of gifts and decoration: FLOWER CARDS!

So what are flower cards?

Flower cards are regular cards with a unique twist of having fresh flowers that are beautifully arranged and coordinated with the colors of the card. They carry a pretty scent and tend to leave a bigger impression that regular cards as they are a more personalized and thoughtful gift.

The beautiful fresh flower cards shown above and the cute stuffed animals are all by for very great prices, and come in several shapes and scents. Additionally, they are also designed for several occasions which include weddings, mothers day, and birthdays!

I think these pretty flower cards (see images above) can be used as part of the decoration of an event, or given as a gift. As for decoration, they can be well implemented well with the dinner table - or food table, or even randomly around the room. Flowers and a good scent give the guests a more comfortable feeling of nature, making them more relaxed and can thus socialize well.

This kind of cards also go well with candles, so that the color of the flowers can be brought out. A personalized message and a carefully chosen flower type can also make the gift much more personal and therefore more meaningful.

You can now order the same flower cards shown on this post from, and have them delivered all the way to your door! or your recipient's door with a message chosen entirely by you!