Boxes that I have bought from a local store named Xenos with personal touches.

Candle by Rituals to create a warm and safe scent/feeling/environment

Flowers and personalization of the space to feel more comfortable

Fur is used to make the place look more presentable, paper dividers and boxes used to keep the papers and files neat

Hello beautiful people :]

Organizing your own personal space at home can be quite tricky, especially when wanting to mix things that you need on a daily basis - such as the horrific university papers, school books, pens, etc - with prettiness to make your room more presentable and YOU! ...

I was asked to write a blog post about organizing desks and where to find certain things that help in maintaining a clean and organized study space by several friends and readers, so I thought now is the perfect time to share some of my personal favorite tips and tricks since I have recently moved to a new apartment which demanded organizing a new study area.

All the photos of my personal desk in my new room are shown above with the corresponding description of the image. If you would like to read further on where I purchased all the things shown above, you can continue reading! Also for some tips and tricks that I find useful :)

Stack boxes!!

I noticed when I entered my new room that the desk space I have is very small, so I had to quickly think of a way to use the space as much as possible! I thought of buying a drawer and placing it next to the desk, however that option would have been more expensive and not handy if I ever had to move again! so I went and bought small boxes in two different sized from a local store called Xenos and stacked them on top of each other to create an illusion of a drawer on the desk. That way, I can place things on the boxes on two different levels.

I personally used these boxes to put personal things that remind me of what I love most in life: Travel and flowers! They keep me motivated to study :)

Additionally, I added a candle I purchased from Rituals to add a scent to the room and study area.

Invest in good document dividers

When I have small desk space, I try to place my books on a separate shelf. Luckily, we have a book shelf in the living room of our new apartment, making it easier for me to organize my study area in my room. However, for important books, papers, notebooks and other things that I need to use on a regular basis, I purchased a document and paper divider that is currently doing wonders for me :D and helps significantly in maintaining a tidy desk.

Comfort & Fashion tip

I placed a flat cushion on my desk seat to make it more comfortable during studying and it also adds a fashion sense to the area. I chose neutral colors, and also added one of my favorite fashion investments: a vintage Fur scarf I purchased during a visit to Leipzig, Germany. To me, it makes the place more appealing to study in and also reminds me of all the beautiful things I can buy if I study hard ;D it works for me!

Use the wall space!

Don't just let the wall be wasted on an empty space, use it wisely instead! ... There are plenty of racks and storage places that can be stuck on the wall without much damage. I like to use my wall area for important reminders, photographs, etc. 

Share your tips and tricks with us down below on the comments Xo